Top Ten Most Emotional Episodes of Steven Universe

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21 Story For Steven

It was really emotional seeing Greg meet Rose. It was so cute.

Love This One.

22 Joking Victim V 1 Comment
23 Jailbreak Part 2
24 Bubbled

This episode is just so beautiful. The addition of 'Love Like You' when Steven reunites is so adorable.

The ending with the Crystal Gems crying is probably the most beautiful ending of the whole show.

25 Bubble Buddies
26 House Guest V 1 Comment
27 Space Race

This was truly sad at the time, Pearl wanted to go back to space so bad, but without listening, she put Steven in danger. so Steven told her to bail until further notice.
This episode teaches you to give up on your dreams especially if you're putting the other person in danger. - SUfan1

28 Fusion Cuisine
29 Beta
30 Sadie's Song
31 Bismuth
32 The Trial
33 We Need to Talk V 2 Comments
34 Ocean Gem
35 Keystone Motel

That Ruby and Sapphire scene at the end almost made me cry

36 Coach Steven

This episode really makes you cry.

37 Historical Friction
38 Lion 2: The Movie
39 Onion Trade
40 Steven's Birthday

It makes you sad when he and Connie thinks they might not get to be together one day.

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