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1 Maes Hughes's Death

This scene causes some really interesting weather patterns when watched. It rains wherever you watch it, even INDOORS!

Nothing worse than seeing his daughter screaming at his funeral, nothing worse at all! - Nononsensecapeesh

"No, Why are they burying daddy. He has work to do! Mommy! "
Feel buster

€�It's raining alright’ - Roy Mustang. Those tears really made me emotional. - Undistinguished

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2 Trisha Elric's Death
3 Nina Tucker's Death

This scene almost made me cry, and not many things make me emotional.

, I almost cried - OtakuYato

Everything here is emotional but I feel like ninas death had more impact throughout the story besides their mother, but ninas death was more crazy and emotional because trisha was only dieing of sickness, and maes hughes was just shot, while nina was transmutated by a crazed father and then had her head blown up by scar

The '03 version is far worse than the Brohood version, SHE ENDS UP AS A BLOODY MESS ON A WALL FOR GOODNESS SAKE! - Nononsensecapeesh

4 Alphonse Elric's Belief of Being Alchemically Created
5 Wrath's Identity
6 The Ishbal Massacre
7 Edward's Inability to Defend Winry When Barry the Chopper Attacks

I really loved how this scene reflected Edward's more human-side. He was terrified as he fought Barry, we could all tell. He was still just a kid, you wouldn't expect him to fight bravely with his chest puffed out. Instead, you see him scramble for his life, just barely surviving and managing to save Winry. It was so real and dark, it even brought me to the edge of my seat in my first viewing.

The last thing Ed needed when he was still brooding over Nina's death. - Nononsensecapeesh

8 Winry's Parents' Murder
9 Ed finds Al's body

This scene almost made me cry my eyes out. Because ed had finally found al's body and couldn't even bring it back 😭 it was so sad

10 Ed and Al Being Trapped On Earth

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11 Envy's death


12 Von Hohenheim expressing his wish to continue living in his last moments

It was JUST so sad! I mean this guy went through so much and just wanted it all to end..and then at the end he got everything he wanted. His sons loved him. And at his last moments he truly felt alive.

13 Lust's Painful Memories About Scar and Stuff
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