Top 10 Most Emotional Hey Arnold! Episodes


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1 The Journal The Journal

About Arnold Being A Pedophile And Stalking A Hoes Diary. - AlphaQ

2 Arnold's Christmas Arnold's Christmas

Nice list

3 Helga on the Couch Helga on the Couch


4 Pigeon Man Pigeon Man
5 Weighing Harold Weighing Harold

This made me cry to see all those people make fun of him like that broke my heart

The episode deals with Harold worrying about his weight after overhearing Stinky and Sid making fun of his weight after eating several ice cream bars for a bet and goes on weight loss cruise only to come back with even more weight he becomes so upset at one point even driven to tears until Arnold helps him get back to his old weight. - egnomac

That is sad - PeeledBanana

6 Eugene Goes Bad Eugene Goes Bad

The episode deals with Eugene becoming excited that the star of his favorite show is filming in their neighborhood but is devastated to find out not only does he not do his own stunts but is winey and a complete premadonna leading to Eugene to turn bad and lose all faith in being good. - egnomac

7 Chocolate Boy Chocolate Boy

The episode deals with addiction as the episode follows Chocolate boy who at first makes a bet with Wolfgang to go two weeks without eating chocolate in order to win a entire bag of chocolate Arnold helps him thinking he truly wants to get off chocolate, the two weeks pass then Arnold finds out about the bet and is disappointed in chocolate boy for making him go through all the trouble later while the 4th graders are making chocolate boy dance around for chocolate milk balls all while laughing at him he then has a realization and later while in a dumpster sees himself in the mirror decides with Arnold's help get off chocolate for good after many attempts by Arnold chocolate boy reveals how he got started on chocolate which was given to him by his former nanny and was really heartbroken after she was forced to leave which explains his addition to chocolate. - egnomac

8 Dino Checks Out Dino Checks Out

Dino Spumoni has seen better days, like most celebrity's Dino was once a major star but over the years has fallen on hard times his career on the rocks, his marriage ending in divorce, his own best friend hates him and people no longer care about him, Dino allegedly commits suicide but it's revealed that he faked his own death to be more famous, then later he is replaced by a Dino impersonator who's doing even better then he was. - egnomac

9 Grandpa's Sister Grandpa's Sister

While most of the episode consists of Grandpa and his sister Mitzy fighting with each other the real emotional moment comes when Arnold discover a photo of them as kids and their dog Pooter which they reveal died after bieng hit by a milk truck and had to be put to sleep resulting both Grandpa and Mitzy blaming one another for Pooters death. - egnomac

10 Parent's Day

It made me very emotional and loomed over my mind all evening because it made me think of what it would be like if Arnold’s parents were with him. They looked so happy and innocent just enjoying life together and they mysteriously died in a plane accident. A part of me died when Arnold asked his grandpa if he thought they were still somewhere out there. It was a bittersweet feeling when he had the dream he was in an airplane. The somewhat faded, dingy quality of the animation made it even more sad for me. It’s the episode that I can’t get out of my head

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11 Grandpa's Birthday Grandpa's Birthday

Grandpa becomes very bitter and disgruntled as his 81th birthday approaches as he reveals there's a family curse that when they reach 81 they die later with Arnold's help does everything on his bucket list before facing his death but its revealed according to Arnold that all of Grandpa's previous family members died at 91 and Grandpa becomes relived. - egnomac

12 Ms Perfect
13 Helga and the Nanny

In this episode, Helga gets a nanny who actually takes care of her, and then Helga gets rid of her. if you watch the ep, its really sad.

14 On the Lam
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