Top 10 Most Emotional Pokémon Episodes


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1 Gotta Catch You Later

This episode made me sob uncontrollably. It was so sad to see Misty, Brock, and Ash I art ways

I still miss Misty till this day.

The saddest goodbye episode in the entire series it was really hard having to see Misty and Brock leave Ash the scene where the sun starts to set as they all go their separate ways was just beautifully done and as Ash is leaving he's brought to tears. - egnomac

2 Bye Bye ButterFree Bye Bye ButterFree

The first episode where Ash is forced to say goodbye to one of his Pokémon is still memorable after all these years. - egnomac

3 Till We Compete Again

I think both till we compete again and gotta catch you later are the most emotional episodes and telling ash's true frienship with his friends and this episode made me more capable to say that it was really heart touching as ash had done such a great adventures in this series but this series end too quickly, and off course the most epic serena's kissing made it more remembered episode. So, in my opinion, I declare it a good episode.

Awesome one guys

4 Pokémon Origins Episode 2

Not from the main Pokémon anime but from the four part Pokémon Origins series which closely follows the first game series, the episode shows the baby cubone reuniting with the ghost of its mother Marowak just like in the game. - egnomac

5 Pickachu's Goodbye

This is the only episode that made my eyes water - Pika2222

6 Charmander the Stray Pokemon
7 Memoreis Are Made to Bliss

This wa sthe most amazing episode of whole diamond and pearl after battling a thaw in relations

The final episode of the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl series as Ash and Dawn say goodbye then at the very end Brock and Ash part ways for good. - egnomac

8 Home is Where the Start Is
9 One Journey Ends, Another Begins

This needs to be #1.

Poor little litten

My brother and I cried a lot after watching this episodeT^T

10 The Ghost of Maiden's Peak

Such a sad story about the Maidens ghost who still continues to wait for her love to return I really wish they could expand more on their story its possible the ghost of the soldier she loved most likely died in the war and now his ghost is stuck on the other side of the world they should do an episode with Ash and friends reuniting the two ghosts. - egnomac

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11 The Right Hero for the Right Job!

This was my absolute favorite episode of the Team Flare Arc in Pokemon XYZ. Clemont Self-destructing Clembot and Bonnie singing to Zygarde/Squishy just brought me to tears! - TGBBOD

12 Haunter vs Kadabra

The episode goes into more about Sabrina's backstory told by her father who Ash still doesn't realize is Sabrina's father. - egnomac

13 Do I Hear a Ralts?

" Everyone forgets about this episode, it is very emotional. Max finds a sick Ralts and has to take care of it as its health declines, then it gets emotional at the end where Max has to say goodbye,"

14 Go West, Young Meowth

This episode talks about meowths backstory. The ending is good, but hearing how he suffered through life and have it all be for nothing is painful to watch

Please read.This episode needs to be higher on this list it is so sad after this episode I cried and could not stop I cried until I went to the kitchen and got a ton of paper towel I’m very emotional and I can not hide my feelings they come out stronger than they are when I only feel them I still love meowth and if I could be in any show it would be Pokémon just because of him he makes team Rocket who they are and team Rocket is the only reason I watched XY and XYZ at all I love this episode then at the Same time it’s so sad and I cry after I watch it every time even though I’ve seen it like 40 times. I love meowth forever. ~Galaxy Meowth

15 Like a Meowth to a Flame

Not really that sad ~Galaxy Meowth

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