Top 10 Most Emotional Queen Songs

Queen songs that have lots of emotion and sometimes can be sad. Depending on the song in question. The song doesn't necessarily have to be sad but sad songs will be included.

The Top Ten

1 The Show Must Go On

This what I call an anthem of victory, Freddie was dying from aids, but despite that he persevered and sang one of the greatest songs ever written, this song rivals Bohemian Rhapsody in terms of greatness for me it's just as good as that song. - christangrant

I agree this is their most emotional song - especially the vocal performance but also music and lyrics. It's just another masterpiece by Queen. - Metal_Treasure

2 I Want to Break Free
3 I Want It All
4 Thank God It's Christmas

This song sounds pretty emotional to me - Metal_Treasure

5 Breakthru
6 Somebody to Love
7 These Are the Days of Our Lives

They shot the music video in black and white so you couldn't tell how sick Freddie was but he still looks. He looks bad but his eye are the same RIP Fred

Tear jerker

8 Bohemian Rhapsody
9 Save Me

Very emotional

10 Spread Your Wings

The Contenders

11 Love of My Life

This song makes me want to hug Freddie so tightly (If I was able). It's absolutely beautiful. - Britgirl

Seriously underrated. This song is so beautiful. - Userguy44

A really, really beautiful song y'all. Don't know why it ain't higher. Would totally deserve it.

12 It's a Hard Life
13 Who Wants to Live Forever

This should be higher

This song makes me crying! - Userguy44

14 Friends Will Be Friends
15 Death on Two Legs

Greatest hate ever, The amount of emotion is amazing.

16 No-One but You (Only the Good Die Young)

It's a tribute to Freddie and all those who die young - christangrant

17 Innuendo

Freddies voice is awesome in this! - Userguy44

18 All Dead, All Dead

Brian May conveys so much emotion in this, makes me cry every time.

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