Most Emotional Scenes In Superhero Movies


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1 Batman's "Death" and Memorial (The Dark Knight Rises)

Amazing list, but thanks for the spoiler alert! - keyson

The best ending in a movie ever, my favorite superhero movie

2 Harry Osborn's Death (Spider-Man 3)
3 Professor Xavier's "Death" and Funeral (X-men: The Last Stand)
4 Wolverine Saves Rogue (X-men)
5 Jean Grey's Death (X-men: The Last Stand)
6 Ben Parker's Death (Spider-Man) V 1 Comment
7 Captain Stacy's Death (The Amazing Spider-Man)
8 Gwen Stacy's Death (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)
9 Harvey Dent Holds the Gordon Family Hostage (The Dark Knight)
10 Bruce Wayne Missing Catwoman and Adopting Her Cat (Batman Returns)

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11 The Near Extinction of the X-men (X-men: Days of Future Past)
12 Rachel Dawes' Death (The Dark Knight)
13 Pepper Potts' Near-death Incident (Iron Man 3)
14 Agent Coulson's Death (The Avengers) Agent Coulson's Death (The Avengers)
15 Reactor Overload/Obadiah Stane's Death (Iron Man)
16 Tony Stark Dies In Space (The Avengers)
17 Steve Rogers' Date Promise (Captain America: The First Avenger)
18 Sue Storm's Death (Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer)
19 The Winter Soldier Remembers Steve Rogers and Saves His Life (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)
20 Bucky Barnes' "Death" (Captain America: The First Avenger)
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1. Batman's "Death" and Memorial (The Dark Knight Rises)
2. Harry Osborn's Death (Spider-Man 3)
3. Professor Xavier's "Death" and Funeral (X-men: The Last Stand)



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