Top Ten Best Emperor Pilaf Quotes from Dragon Ball

The Top Ten

1 It's time for plan R. Comrades, on my mark, run!
2 Sooner or later, that boy was destined to fall at my feet! I am Pilaf the invincible. Tonight I sleep without my night light.
3 These are the Black Star Dragon Balls. They were made long ago before Kami separated from Piccolo. And I know this because I am a brilliant researcher and an unrivaled mastermind...with a special knack for devious behavior.
4 So. We meet once again. Or should I say one last time... What? You [Goku] think you have some puny little dream that's worthier than my imperial ambitions? Maybe we should flip a coin for it.
5 I don't get it. Why does Goku get this big welcome... when I, the great emperor, get zilch?
6 What a stupid question. Of course we are [going to retreat].
7 I'm sure that when Lord Piccolo takes over the world, he'll give us half of it out of gratitude.
8 You [Shenron art] are my true inspiration. With you by my side, the whole world will be mine... I was talking to the dragon.
9 Once I have all seven Dragon Balls in my possession, the Eternal Dragon will be under my complete control. And if that big-haired freak so much as looks at me wrong, lets just say his short life won't be getting any longer!
10 You [Bulma] insolent brat! I am the great Emperor Pilaf and I will be the only one giving the orders here today! Tell me where that last Dragon Ball is. Now!... I see, you actually want the Treatment, don't you? Oh, you'll wish I would've killed you.
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