Top Ten Greatest Empires Up to the Fall of the Ottoman Empire

This is my opinion of the top ten greatest empires of all time. Read why I say this and this is proof. Please no any mean comments about this. I don't think any of you will agree with me.

The Top Ten

1 The Ottoman Empire

I am doing a research project on this empire and I have found that on all of the websites I have gone to, it says that the Ottoman Empire was the largest, richest, and most powerful empire in history.

Largest, richest and most powerful empire in history...!


Yes yes yes.

2 The Roman Empire

You all know that the Roman Empire would at least be in the top 4. It lasted 1,000 years! They had Julius Caesar, the creator of the Caesar Cipher.

Our language is based on theirs, so it our culture and most of our way of life

The Romans forged a V A S T empire and they used Hellenic ideas and they conquered Egypt, Britain, Gaul, Assyria, North Africa, and Caanan.

3 The Byzantine Empire

You may think I'm crazy saying the Byzantine Empire is #1 instead of Roman. The Roman Empire fell very quickly after the Byzantine half left. This Empire also lasted about 12,000 years. That beats the roman empire by 200 years.

Did you mean 1,200? I'm pretty sure the Byzantine weren't around for THAT long... - Turkeyasylum

4 The Persian Empire

Which one? - SigmaV84

You might think I'm crazy here too. However, the Persian Empire was a great empire. They conquered Egypt for crying out loud!

Magnificent empire

5 The British Empire

Clearly the greatest empire ever. The continuing influence of the British Empire is undeniable.

Only owned 1/4th of the worlds land in 1921... - 3103460


6 The Macedonian Empire

In only 9 years Alexander's Empire stretched from Greece to India. He took on the Persian Empire, the largest and most powerful empire of that time and defeated them. He controlled territory in Asia, Europe, Africa including Egypt, the Holy Lands, Asia Minor and the rest of the Middle East and most of Central Asia. He would have conquered Rome to if it wasn't for him dying.

Hey, don't leave Alexander the great, Phillip II, and all the other people out. Alexander was great for a reason. There were many great Macedonian kings. We all know Alexander was the best. Alexander conquered from Greece, Egypt, and Asia! Alexander was an amazing king, he made this empire stick out more than all the other kings.

7 The Athenian Empire

The Athenians were amazing. Another amazing Empire. You've heard stories about the greek empire defeating troy, right? There were many greek empires but which were they talking about? Athens and Peloponisos of course. That is why Athens deserves 5th best.

8 The Spartan Empire

Spartans were way too war-oriented. In fact, boys were forced into military training at a young age in the Spartan Empire. - Turkeyasylum

"Have you heard of the Spartan Empire? " you ask the dumbest person you know, "What is the spairtuhn ehmpur? " they ask you. Then they are the dumbest person you've met(sorry if that was offensive) the spartans in 300 were myths. The Spartans were a better Empire. However, terrible people, the Ancient Spartans Believed killing babies born small. However, they gave women more rights.

9 The Egyptian Empire

We all know king Tutankhamon(Tut) and King Khufu. However, you had to have heard of Ptolemy of Macedon and Cleopatra VI. The Egyptian empire lasted 4,000 years before the Macedonian dynasty one; that was probably luck though. This Empire clearly deserves 6th best.

10 The Aztec Empire

The Aztec Empire is cool! Their culture and ours are cool. If you think Native Americans never had school. Think again, the Aztecs had school. They were awesome compared to most Native tribes. Read a book about them and you'll be amazed.

Because I'm Mexican

The Contenders

11 The Mongolian Empire

Conquered so quickly, won so fiercely, and changed the world forever.

12 The Akadian Empire

The Akkadians were one of the first empires created, so they deserve some credit... - Turkeyasylum

The Akadians were amazing. 75 years was a big deal for a Mesopotamian empire. They were one of the 4 major Sumerian Empires. They may not be the best but still amazing!

13 The Babylonian Empire

Under Hammurabi, some of the first laws were created. Today, the laws are called "Hammurabi's Code" and are the oldest law documents in the world. - Turkeyasylum

14 The Etruscan Empire

Not really an empire, more of a confederation 2/10 couldn't even conquer a teeny tiny city state named Rome

15 The Mughal Empire

Ruled most of India at its peak,

16 Holy Roman Empire
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