Best Enemies in Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero

While Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journey is released in Europe on January 25th of 2019, another video game, Mage's Initiation: Reign of the Elements is released on January 30th of 2019, a video game inspired by the classic Quest For Glory series. Thus I'll not only make Mario & Luigi related lists, but also Quest For Glory related lists, this time, about the monsters in the series that you can fight, and only enemies that usually respawn and are basic, so no like boss battles that are only fought once at a specific event. Keep in mind that I like all of the enemies in this game and that it was hard to place them at the spots I placed them on. Without further ado, let's start!

The Top Ten

1 Troll

These are certainly the best enemies you can find in the game! While not only having badass designs, they offer some good difficulty and excellent loot. First off, the design, it looks incredible if you ask me! I love that grey colour mixed with pink eyes and bright-green teeth and blue torn off shirt. It looks excellent! They're the strongest enemies to be found in the game as well, so strong that even a maxed out player will have somewhat of a tough fight. And the loot? Well the loot is excellent! Not only will you earn anywhere from 20 to 49 silvers, you can also get his beard, which you can sell for tons of silvers! They're a night monster and only come out at night, and after you achieve one thousand experience points (which isn't that hard actually) - darthvadern

2 Cheetaur

Arguably one of the coolest looking enemies in the game, the cheetaur is a centaur with the look of a panther, but yet isn't as fast as the name suggests (you can actually outrun it and the saurus rex is a lot faster), the cheetaur surely is an awesome monster! It's quite a difficult one although not that hard once you master the stats and while you don't get any money from it, you can sell the claws to get tons of silvers. The cheetaur is a night monster, but once you hit one thousand experience points, he'll appear during the days as wlel - darthvadern

3 Goblin

They're the most common enemies in the game and among the easiest as well (the saurus is the only easier one). I really like their design overall as their spooky bright-green colour offer some spookiness as it looks kinda like you can see through their bodies. However they have colourful clothes for that. They have have decent loot although it's usually only around ten silvers and it unlucky you you won't recieve any treasure at all - darthvadern

4 Brigand

Normal human brigands that go around in the forest. They are nothing too special although I gotta say I do like their armour a lot and they look quite cool. Their loot is decent as you usually get around twenty silvers. They're quite easy although a beginner will have trouble with them - darthvadern

5 Saurus

Well they are the easiest monsters to defeat in the game, so easy you don't get any loot from it. However it's the most uncommon one of the easiest three monsters in the game (the other two are goblins and brigands). I do think their design is quite cool as well so there's that as well. So I'd say it's certainly a decent one, although the lack of challenge and loot is a bit disappointing - darthvadern

6 Saurus Rex

One of the more annoying ones in the game. These will only show up once you hit one thousand experience points and will appear both during day and night (although more often during night I guess). On top of that they are quite difficult and don't have any loot at all despite their difficulty, I mean the only harder one is the troll and they can easly outrun the player in a matter of micro-seconds. It's good for practising your skills and raising stats, and I like the design a lot, it's actually the saurus you can see on the cover of the game (EGA cover), but other than that I'm not entirely sure, it's still above average for me - darthvadern

7 Mantray

I've talked about how saurus rex don't have any loot and can outrun the player easly. The same thing applies here except they're not hard at all and barely raise your stats so fighting these are completely pointless and annoying. They can outrun you if you run horizontally as well. Now sure they're easier to avoid than saurus rex, as you can run vertically and you can outrun it, but overall it's my least favourite monster in the game. I really like the design though - darthvadern