Top 10 Enemy Species In Mario Games

This top 10 list is about Mario enemies that have great amounts of species. Each species depend if they have other species or sub-species. Some species can be way beyond the original!

The Top Ten

1 Goombas

Species of Goombas are everywhere! Including space! Tons of species appear with a lot of different abilities, defenses, and extra body parts. There may be a ton of different Goombas that are too many to discuss! The more Goombas you stomp, the more Goombas will appear! - Super-Eric1993

2 Koopas

Oh my God, I hate these turtles

Bowser is a koopa of course koopas are the best

If it wasn't for Buzzy Beetles, Hammer Brothers, Lakitus, Magikoopas, Spikes, Chargin Chucks, Spinies, or Dry Bones, Koopas wouldn't exist. - Super-Eric1993

3 Shy Guys

Some Shy Guy species are metal, thieves, in the sky, dead, in the castle, giant, clever, strong, fat, natives, or any other race of Shy Guy. They appear in different colors also. Every species of Shy Guys are brothers. - Super-Eric1993

4 Piranha Plants Piranha Plants

These plants keep on growing to spread an infestation. Nipper Plants are small white plants, and can still be dangerous. Some breath fire, some are little scavengers, some have longer stems, some spit ink, some are better off without roots on the ground, some are piranha fish, and some just stay around waiting for their next meal. - Super-Eric1993

5 Thwomps

Thwomps fall on you. Whomps have arms and feet. Tox Boxes are giant cubes with different faces on every side except one. Some species that are round instead of square. - Super-Eric1993

6 Cheep Cheeps

Cheep Cheeps are small. Porcupuffers chase you above water. Rip Van Fish sleep most of the time. Fish Bones are skeleton species of Cheep Cheep. Cheep Chomps and Boss Basses eat humans whole! Species of Cheep Cheeps are not always innocent. - Super-Eric1993

7 Boos

These ghosts come in all shapes and sizes. Some are giant, some explode, some go fishing, some form a circle, some are stuck on white platforms, some inflate like a balloon, and rare species of Boo are even blind. - Super-Eric1993

8 Bullet Bills

Missile Bills follow you, Torpedo Teds fire underwater, Banzai Bill is big. King Bill is the largest of all Bullet Bills! - Super-Eric1993

9 Blarggs

Different species of Blarggs live in different environments: water, sand, and even lava. - Super-Eric1993

10 Monty Moles

Monty Moles dig to get on land. Mega Moles stay underground. Rocky Wrenches fight in airships. - Super-Eric1993

The Contenders

11 Boom Booms
12 Rexes
13 Mechawfuls
14 Cosmic Clones

Pretty powerul follows mario only thing that can beat him is the super stars I call that powerful

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