Top 10 Energetic Gary Moore Songs

The Top Ten Energetic Gary Moore Songs

1 Out in the Fields

This song is almost power metal and was covered by more than 10 metal bands (for more info, visit my list 'Best Cover Versions of Gary Moore and Phil Lynott's Out In the Fields'. - Metal_Treasure

2 Over the Hills and Far Away
3 Hurricane
4 Military Man
5 Ready for Love
6 Walking by Myself
7 Cold Day in Hell
8 Hiroshima
9 Don't Take Me for a Loser
10 Take a Little Time

The Contenders

11 Day of Heroes
12 Back on the Streets
13 Murder in the Skies
14 Hold on to Love
15 After the War
16 Texas Strut
17 Friday on My Mind
18 Rockin' Every Night
19 Shapes of Things to Come
20 Oh Pretty Woman
21 Really Gonna Rock Tonight
22 Nuclear Attack
23 Further on Up the Road
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