Best Energic AKB48 Songs

In this list shows the best energic AKB48 songs, that means is fasting and cool songs... Check it out.. !

The Top Ten Best Energic AKB48 Songs

1 Beginner

The most best and energic AKB48 songs, cool PV and cool dance

2 River

This song so beat'less, you must heard this song, this song meaning is rich your dreams


Wow... This songs looks creepy and scary, but this songs so energic and the choreograph is really dificult to try... This songs so perfect for Halloween season

4 Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou

The most cool songs, slow song but energic choreograph...

The Lyrics.
The Dance.
The ' Video.
daisuki ^w^

5 Gingham Check

So nice and energic...

6 Iiwake Maybe

Cute song and so energic dance

7 Flying Get

Wow... This songs so freshing

8 Kaze Wa Fuiteiru

This song so touching... Great dance dan great songs
This song just for Japan tsunami in 2011

9 Heavy Rotation

Quite obvious laugh out loud

10 Heart Electric

Music Rock n Roll

The Contenders

11 Show Fight

Let's be dream fighter

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