Top Ten English Football Rivalries

What do you think the biggest rivalry in English football is?

The Top Ten

1 Manchester United vs. Liverpool
2 Arsenal vs. Tottenham Hotspur
3 Arsenal vs. Manchester United
4 Arsenal vs. Chelsea

The two greatest English teams fighting it out in a London derby. Red vs Blue. Some of the best players in Europe. Alway produces quality when they play.

5 Manchester Inited vs. Manchester City
6 Ipswich vs. Norwich
7 Aston Villa vs. Birmingham City

I am a villa supporter and I believe that villa Birmingham is a big derby and I think it should be higher. I also don't believe that man united Liverpool should be number one. the only reason that is their is because their are loads of united and Liverpool fans.

8 Derby County vs. Nottingham Forest
9 Everton vs. Liverpool

Love this rivalry even though I don't even support any of the clubs I always watch this games

10 Sheffield United vs. Sheffield Wednesday

The Contenders

11 Leicester City vs Nottingham Forest

Definitely one of the most passionate.

Always a bad derby

12 Newcastle vs Sunderland
13 Southampton vs Portsmouth

South Coast Derby. Scum vs Skates. Always a good affair

14 Reading vs Oxford
15 Brighton vs Palace
16 West Ham vs Millwall
17 Blackburn vs Burnley
18 Leeds United vs Bradford City
19 Leicester City vs Coventry City (M69 Derby)

Definitely not at the top only because leicester are way better than coventry now.

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