Best English Language Charles Aznavour Songs

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1 Yesterday, When I Was Young

His voice is so strong and emotionally charged. It's impossible not to be moved by Charles Aznavour.

Now there's a name that isn't on everyones lips. I feel his gentleman's songs are a little underrated. He has a beautiful voice. - Britgirl

2 You've Got to Learn
3 I Didn't See the Time Go By
4 Ave Maria
5 You've Let Yourself Go
6 The Happy Days
7 There Is a Time
8 How Sad Venice Can Be
9 She

I love this song My eyes missed it the first time I voted. Just gorgeous. You can feel the emotion in his voice - or at least I can. It's almost like he's trying to reach out to tell her to read between the lines...or maybe that really is me being too emotional. Apologies. I get that way sometimes. - Britgirl

Don't apologize for your lovely heart Britgirl. Well, this song is beautiful indeed. The reason I put it on the number nine is that I have combined it with Elvis Costello, although it is actually a Charles Aznavour song. To be honest I also prefer the others songs of Aznavour, but 'She' is definitely beautiful and moving.

10 Take Me Along
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