Top Ten Ensiferum Members

The Top Ten Ensiferum Members

1 Jari Mäenpää Jari Mäenpää (born 23 December 1977) is a Finnish heavy metal multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. He is the founder of metal band Wintersun for which he records all instruments. Before forming Wintersun, Mäenpää was best known for his role in the folk metal band Ensiferum.
2 Petri Lindroos Petri Lindroos is a melodic death/folk metal guitarist and vocalist. He is currently the lead vocalist in Ensiferum and, prior to this, was a founder and lead vocalist for Norther.
3 Emmi Silvennoinen
4 Sauli Savolainen
5 Jukka-Pekka Miettinen
6 Oliver Fokin
7 Meiju Enho
8 Markus Toivonen

He's the main guy in the band, why is he so low? - Diplomate

Because of some ignorant voters who live in their fantasy world...No joke - Ananya

9 Janne Parviainen
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