Most Entertaining Matches of the FIFA World Cup 2014

The Top Ten Most Entertaining Matches of the FIFA World Cup 2014

1 Argentina - Nigeria 3-2

As an Argentinian I am, I have to vote for this one. I have to say this was a unique fun match. Players met like old friends (It's like the fourth time Argentina crosses Nigeria in important competitions) and they played at a high level with awesome goals, and both teams made it to the next stage! Vincent Enyeama even made a joke to the referees in the half time about them not letting Messi have more free kicks, since he wants to make them goal every time! This was one of those matches that improve football so very much. However, I have to say my favourite match of the tournament was Germany against Ghana. - keyson

2 Netherlands 3-2 Australia

Tim Cahil's goal was oustanding and the match could have been won by Australia. Another outstanding example that shows 2014's is the most fun world cup of the century! - keyson

3 South Korea - Algeria 2-4

Algeria was so surprising here! They deserved reaching eightfinals! - keyson

4 Germany - Ghana 2-2

I wanted Ghana to win for I know they usually are very good in the World Cup. This match was so fun! My favourite so far. What a world cup is 2014's! I love this list, MatrixGuy! - keyson

5 Spain - Netherlands 1-5
6 France - Switzerland 5-2

Such a surprise! It could also have been 6-2 but the referee ended the game only a second before the 6th goal. He even laughed. My other favourite match so far. - keyson

7 Uruguay - Costa Rica 1-3

Costa Rica was the so unexpected surprise so far. They stood up in front of 7 world cup champions and got seven points by winning to a two times world champion and a four times world champion, and tying with another world cup champion. Hats off and clapping hands for Costa Rica. Also, my apologies. - keyson

8 Chile- Brazil- 2-3- Penalty Kicks

Definitely one of the most entertaining matches!

9 Japan - Colombia 1-4
10 Portugal - USA 2-2

The Contenders

11 Germany - Brazil 7-1

Worst and saddest match of the world cup

12 Germany - Portugal 4-0
13 Croatia-Cameroon 4-0
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