Most Entertaining Minecraft Mods

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Attack of the B team

Why are these all packs?!

BIg Dig
Portal Gun

Wow... I know in terraria you get it without wods - PROOF OF MINECRAFT FANS GET TRIGGERED! - ---ChargedZircon---


This should be number one

Its such a huge mod

Tinker's Construct

Cool mod for extra materials. - ModdedMinecraft

Too Much TNT
Lord of The Rings

This mod is absolutely underrated, even if you're not a fan of lord of the rings this is a massive and very expansive mod that will keep you playing it for hours. Honestly, I've played so many mods before on Minecraft and this one is by far the biggest, most fun, and most epic mod I've ever seen. Travel across the lands of Middle-Earth as you can choose to get more reputation fight for good or for evil. (There is an alignment feature which allows you to get more reputation with a certain faction. For example if you killed Mordor Orcs you can get more alignment with Gondor.)

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