Top Ten Most Entertaining Minecraft YouTubers

Who's the most entertaining to you? Also comment other youtubers you think deserve the list. Thanks for voting and commenting!

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1 TheBajanCanadian

I have been watching him for over a year and his videos just keep getting better. ' - zolli42

He is so awesome and funny

His the best hunger games player ever

Vote for the Bajan

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2 TheDiamondMinecart

TheDiamondMinecart is the most entertaining for three reasons. 1. The variety: things get real boring if you repeat things over again. 2. Custom Mod Adventures: all of his custom mod adventures have a plot line and usually can get a laugh out of me. 3. The commentary: Dan will continue speaking and showing interesting stuff. Most other YouTubers don't take the time to cut out long uninteresting stuff do your sitting there bored for three minutes. Dan cuts out boring and uneventful footage and always continues to speak so things do not get boring... DanTDM is definitely the most by a thousand light years, most entertaining Minecraft YouTuber. Sorry if this sounds like an essay, but Dan deserves it.

He deserves to be the best YouTube ever because I love his crazy mod showcases and his diamond dimension nodded survival so he should be number one

Awesome at mod reviews and diamond dimensions

He's one of my favourite youtubers. he's a great king of minecraft, and nobody can't defeat him.i'm prefer watch he.

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3 JeromeASF

He is so funny and doesn't do it just for the money. He is my inspiration for Minecraft. He is a nice a guy in general and barely curses. Go Bacca!

He is the best! He is crazy and that's why he is the best. He always says funny jokes

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4 PopularMMOs

He is like me, he's funny' entertaining, and he has awesome videos. He should really be #1 in my opinion. Popularmmos has very funny videos and the survival series are epic.

I love popularmmos he's so funny and I like because he plays with jen and it makes it EPIC and I like the lucky block challenge games and his challenges in the city survival and season 7 of his series he's so AWESOME AND he's FILLED WITH EPICNESS

You are the best you tuber ever to exist

He is so epic he should be in first place

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5 Stampylongnose

He makes me laugh and he is so funny with his jokes but also kills his dogs

He is child friendly, fun and English :) he used to kill his dogs and often out of video goes to creative. apart from that he's fantastic!

I love your building and I have built your world on my Xbox. I watch mostly all of your and squids videos. How do you do this on Xbox.

Oops, posted on the wrong place. I meant PopularMMOs.

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6 Bodil40

Personally I think that he is hilarious, he's so entertaining I love the way he trolls people. And his laugh seriously makes everything funnier. He's a great cure for bad day syndrome laugh out loud

BODIL40 IS awesome! He's the trolling king! I haven't watched 1 video without laughing!

Always invites others to recordings - NarutardOne

I hate it when he sais "WHAT THE BALLS"

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7 SkyDoesMinecraft

Sky is the funniest Minecraft YouTube ever! He is hilarious! I like a lot of other YouTubers but if I had to pick one it would be Sky!

He swears: his videos are crap and aren't exciting.

He makes me laugh like crazy even when I'm sad

He basically says the f word in every episode

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8 Prestonplayz

He should be #1 he hardly ever curses he says it wrong cause he knows kids watch him

I don't know how to subscribe but I always watch him and he plays lots of mini games always fun

He is awesome I love his parkour video and he makes me laugh


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9 TheSyndicateProject

I've always watched Syndicate, I subscribed a very long time ago, and I loved The Minecraft Project and The Land of Mianite has so much action and war in it, it just makes it so interesting.

He is very good and keeps the videos he does entertaining coming up with new ideas every dya

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10 xRpMx13

I'm the milkman yeah yeah he the milkman uhuh! I'm the milkman! Funny deep voice with great potential for YouTube, keep up the deliverys!.. Oh wait I mean keep up the awesome videos bro!

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The Contenders

11 SSundee

A truly entertaining minecraft youtuber! Definitely deserves to be much higher! Always making everyone laugh, especially with Derp SSundee. Love the fact that he also plays different games from time to time, besides the series!

Ssundee by far will always be one of my favorites, and is one of the people who got me into Minecraft! With his Derpy intros and a lot of the other stuff he does, I'm surprised he's only at 11!

19th place? What? Derp SSundee is just amazing, and his jokes are funnier than most, or so bad that it makes people laugh with pity.

I don't farm potatoes. I farm brains! Sorry, that sounded better in my HEAD. Ha ha ha ha heeeh

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12 CaptainSparklez

He is most entertaining when he is raging about something that doesn't work, when someone steals and/or blows his stuff up in Minecraft.

CaptinSparklez I really like your ultra modded survival. Keep the videos coming. You are one of the best mincrafters in the world. I appreciate all your hard work. When I grow up I want to be just like you. Bye

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13 Vikkstar123HD

Has 3 channels and uploads like 7 videos a day - NarutardOne

The best Minecraft YouTuber ever

He is funny and has a great accent

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14 TheAtlanticCraft

Love them, even if there is only one now.

These guys made Minecraft my life with there crazy craft #CrazyCraft3.0

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15 Chocothechocobo

The name sounds weird - venomouskillingmachine

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16 MinecraftUniverse

He's very excellent in mods and adventure maps!

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17 Ashleymarieegaming

She is one of my most favorite YouTubers! I love her videos and have been watching her for a long time. I'm glad she is on this list, but I wish she would be a bit higher up.

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18 Woofless

In my opinion he's always been my favourite I've been subscribed almost since he started his channel I love him he's so adorable and easily in my opinion the most hilarious factions player because he's not set on winning like Preston

The most epic factions player in the world! And he us so hilarious

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19 Nooch

His channel isn't doing well it's very sad he's losing subs go sub him - NarutardOne

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20 Graser10

Your awesome Graser tell Hbomb that I said hi. Keep the Cube and Factions videos coming they get better and better every time you do them.

I have been watching Graser for about 6 months. I tried watching other popular people, but keep going back to graser. KEEP IT UP GRA GRA!

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