Top Ten Most Entertaining Minecraft YouTubers


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21 Noahcraftftw
22 Ibalisticsquid

He is the most funny mine craft I have ever seen

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23 HeyImBee

Bee is so funny and hilarious! She is super crazy and weird, she plays a variety of games and extremely friendly. She is adorable cute and outgoing! She is so awesome, and always avoids cussing. (Unless her accent is hard to understand and sounds like it! )

Bee is very funny to watch, she is really adorable, and also she truly loves her honeys (fans).

Bee is very funny to watch, she is very adorable, and really truly loves her honeys (fans).

24 EthosLab

Etho is very entertaining. He does a variety of different series', and with him, it's always something interesting. Minecraft done the technical way; he always finds ways to make the coolest of redstone contraptions. I definitely recommend watching him for some entertaining videos. I honestly don't know how he's so low on this list.

Very entertaining and my personal favorite. Never cusses, amazing commentary, cuts the boring parts, and is extreme at redstone! Has less subscribers than he deserves.

Awesome guy, has a cool, enjoyable to listen to, kind of voice.

25 NormalSteveGaming
26 ExplodingTNT

His videos do contain swearing and inappropriate references, but they are all funny.

He may have a rating of 15+ but I really don't care. His videos overwhelm me with laughter.

They are the most funniest things you have ever seen!

It doesn't matter if they are kid friendly or not

He's still hilarious

27 Thinknoodles

Think I've watched every poptropica videos. Also put thinks wife in mine craft more a lot of people like the mine craft videos with her on.

Think is awesome I've watch him since his first video he's amazing vote think

Thinknoodles is the best he's funny, entertaining, and very friendly.

Think rocks he is a legit pro never says cuss words

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28 ZexyZek

He is helpful he help me edit my parody let is blow please add him

He reminds me of Leo in Heroes of Olympus... that was random but yeah he is awesome!

He is awesome he make funny trolling videos and is just hillarious

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29 PeanutButterGamer
30 MineplexOfficial

Parker is amazing. When I am bored I just go right away to watch his cube videos or challenge accepted videos. He deserves to be a runner up.

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31 IHasCupquake

She plays Minecraft a lot and does some other games and real life videos and shes good at cooking

I think she should be higher in this list I love her personality and her videos she funny and kind

What the what?! Cupquake is a great YouTuber and, in my opinion, should be way higher in this list!

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32 Rendog

The reason why he is entertaining other than whatever game he is playing, is that he tells the audience good stories from his past. Even when he dies he still has a smile on his face. He also keeps the audience on the edge of their seats almost like a sit com shoe making the series that much more enjoyable!

33 Yogscast
34 RageGamingVideos
35 munchingbrotato

He deseves to be in top 10 his videos are the reasons I'm not as depperessed anymore

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36 KenWorthGames
37 MrWoofless

Why is Rob so low? He's awesome - JordanZahHutt

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38 Jeracraft
39 Zailetsplay V 1 Comment
40 HBomb94

Love all of his videos.


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