Top Ten Most Entertaining Minecraft YouTubers

Who's the most entertaining to you? Also comment other youtubers you think deserve the list. Thanks for voting and commenting!

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61 ImmortalHD

I think he is funny and underrated

62 Generikb

One of the most creative Minecrafters out there. Hilarious too.

63 BdoubleO100

Guy is a fantastic builder and great entertainer with a natural voice.

64 Paulsoaresjr

He should be higher on the list his videos are usually pretty funny spy chickens

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65 MentorMinecraft

Post really entertaining videoS Keep it up man!

He plays with his IRL friends for fun not for views

66 ChimneySwift11

I know right he's super funny

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67 TobyGames
68 HwnT
69 JackFrostMiner

He's good at showing seeds for pocket edition.

70 antvenom

He is one of the best so vote peoples.

71 Orepros

Boo! He never did interest me!
Wish he had live commentary

I have to be Honest
He is not that interesting

Errr... no

He's not so entertaining

72 SlyFoxHound

Funny and has a awesome attitude!

73 GamingWithJen

Jen is awesome and funny.

If you like popularmmos then you should watch Gaming with Jen because, they play a lot of adventure maps! (Pats is in her videos always! )

74 JemPlaysMC
75 Lily Love Productions

Her videos are super cute and me and her are starting a Minecraft series! Thanks for reading!
Love, Dewdrop Diamonds

76 StrauberryJam

"Funniest and craziest videos while trying to keep it PG"

77 Aureylian
78 AliA

He does Minecraft don't you know

79 Epic Gamers

Great friendly and entertaining videos

80 LionMakerStudios

I feel as though lionmaker doesn't get enough credit. He is amazing and funny, and always delivers great videos for us. He should be in top ten without a doubt.

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