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The Top Ten

1 Admin vs. Duplicated Lists

And the winner is admin! - Kiteretsunu

2 PositronWildhawk vs. Sports
3 Visitors vs. Polite Comments
4 Dinosaur vs. Porky Minch
5 MoldySock vs. Annoying Lists

Just like this one! Haha - keyson

6 The Top Tens vs. Justin Bieber
7 Visitors vs. Order and Respect

I don't appreciate 'closeted' fascism dear administrator. I don't understand why you removed my comment. As a matter of fact, I don't understand the way you handle things here. Yes, I know you can be pretty understanding at times, and I appreciate that, but I also know that you don't behave as an example of an operator some other times. It's your choice, if you delete once more my point of view, but if you do, really, you are very small inside. Order and respect? Give me a break! Who is really disrespectful here? I never tried to gag anybody, I'm open to criticism, but clearly some people here bear grudges and they deal with them in silence or by removing comments and without giving you a true reason. Is that how people should be? I don't think so.

8 Britgirl vs. Boredom

A fight she's winning well. She never ceases to amaze. - PositronWildhawk

9 Anime Fans vs. Anime Haters
10 Htoutlaws2012 vs Vince McMahon

The Contenders

11 PositronWildhawk & Kiteretsunu vs. Stupidity

O yeah, bring it on! - HezarioSeth

12 ArpstaAmy333 vs. Bieber haters

Yup, draw for them and me - ArpstaAmy333

13 Britgirl & PositronWildhawk vs. Gloom
14 HezarioSeth vs. World's Happiness
15 HezarioSeth vs. Humour
16 JandS3000 vs. Rudeness
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1. Admin vs. Duplicated Lists
2. PositronWildhawk vs. Sports
3. Visitors vs. Polite Comments
1. Dinosaur vs. Porky Minch
2. Admin vs. Duplicated Lists
3. The Top Tens vs. Justin Bieber


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