Most Epic Boss Battles In the Batman Arkham Series

I strongly recommend looking at this list before playing these games.

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1 Deathstroke: Arkham Origins

If only the dlc was as great as the boss fight. Guns and katana's were left out. Although I like deathstroke with or without his weapons it would make the dlc so much better if he could do the stuff he did in the boss fight.

No doubt one of the hardest bosses in the game. Winning just gives you an immense sense of satisfaction.

Deathstroke is a pretty tough boss fight, if not the hardest Arkham Series boss fight. The music is epic, the animations were well done and winning this boss fight is really satisfying.

This battle was real deathstroke used his guns gadgets and lethal melee weapons he's a real boss

2 Mr. Freeze: Arkham City

The only Boss Fight in the Arkham Series that Makes Batman use his Detective Skills and Use Different Strategy since u can't use the same attack twice which makes the encounter a Classic Masterpiece and Unique

So hard but so cool.

The best fight in the whole series hands down. Requires the players to think fast and use all of their experience quickly. One same move will not succeed again! Great battle!

Very challenging but fun to play. So many options.

3 Ra's al Ghul: Arkham City

It's so epic that is in the top twice

So amazing yet challenging.

It was so horrible.

4 Clayface: Arkham City

A good way to end the game

This guy is crazy difficult and insanely fun.

5 Poison Ivy: Arkham Asylum

Ivy is love. Ivy is life.


6 Bane: Arkham Origins

When the jammer activated and I was using disruptor on the jammer, Bane grabbed me from back. It was really terrifying. Another terrifying boss battle was with Killer croc in Arkham Asylum. Just the though of fighting the monster in sewers is horrifying.

Bane was awesome. It was really cool how batman could flip him while fighting. the way he kicked bane in the face was rad too. I also liked playing as him in the multiplayer

Bane was awesome he'd come charging at you and punch at you and if you don't counter you fly across the screen

Hey, at least he's not on drugs yet...

7 Scarecrow: Arkham Asylum

This was the most frustrating battle I've ever fought, but its awesome.

8 Bane on Venom: Arkham Origins

This is the only boss that makes you scared to see him especially when he jams your detective vision

This is so difficult, considering you have a time limit.

Bane was awesome he'd come charging at you and you can ride him push him into walls electric things and trap he was so stsring

9 Arkham Knight: Arkham Knight

I do quite like the fights you have with him where you're fighting him in his Cloudburst tank, and when you're in the tunnels and he's chasing you with that tunnel clearer. However the fight where you have to sneak under him as he's taking a sniping position on the gargoyles is rather boring. Would've been awesome if we had a hand to hand combat fight with him

I haven't played it but it seems like a good boss fight.

10 Firefly: Arkham Origins

Just facing him with was epic. One of the longest and cinematic but greatest battles in the series.

It wasn't much, but the fight managed to make itself 1000 times cooler than it really was.

Made a very uninteresting character ini an insanely fun one.

Was pretty rad but not as much a boss fight as deathstroke or bane or clayfave or someone

The Contenders

11 Deadshot: Arkham Origins
12 Killer Croc: Arkham Asylum

It's the suspense, he can come up in any moment...

Gives me the jitters...

13 Joker on TITAN: Arkham Asylum

This boss sucked. It contradicts everything the Joker stands for, as well as being a boring boss in general.

This is not to hard, but has an epic ending.

14 Solomon Grundy: Arkham City

Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday, Christened on Tuesday, and died on Wednesday...

15 Bane: Arkham Asylum

Very easy, but pretty fun.

16 Electrocutioner: Arkham Origins

Crazy kick, but the dumbest boss you'll every fight.

17 Joker: Arkham Origins

The first one on one fight between the two is just as epic as you would hope, because it's one-sided.

18 Joker: Arkham Knight
19 Nightwing: Arkham Knight

It was a nice idea to fight one of the heroes.

20 The Bird: Arkham Origins
21 Poison Ivy: Arkham City

Very frustrating, but cool.

22 Mad Hatter: Arkham City

So stupid, but an epic knockout for the ending.

23 Johnny Charisma: Arkham Knight
24 Cloudburst Tank: Arkham Knight
25 The Riddler: Arkham Knight
26 The Riddler: Arkham City
27 Victor Zsasz: Arkham City

So strange, very cool though.

28 Red Hood: Arkham Knight
29 Albert King: Arkham Knight

This was actually very original.

30 Shiva: Arkham Origins
31 Copperhead: Arkhan Origins
32 Black Mask: Arkham Knight
33 Two Titan Henchmen: Arkham Asylum
34 Mr Freeze: Arkham Origins

Arkham Origins Mr Freeze was a great boss fight and it is definitely in my opinion on par with City's Freeze boss fight. They are my two favourite boss fights in the batman Arkham games.

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1. Mr. Freeze: Arkham City
2. Deathstroke: Arkham Origins
3. Poison Ivy: Arkham Asylum
1. Mr. Freeze: Arkham City
2. Deathstroke: Arkham Origins
3. Scarecrow: Arkham Asylum
1. Ra's al Ghul: Arkham City
2. Bane on Venom: Arkham Origins
3. Mr. Freeze: Arkham City

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