Best Epic Doom Metal Bands

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1 Candlemass Candlemass is an influential Swedish doom metal band established in Stockholm 1984 by bassist, songwriter and bandleader Leif Edling and drummer Matz Ekström.

They are just amazing. Listen to "Dead Angel" or "Of Stars and Smoke" - they really are epic..

The best. Bar none.

I love this band,songs like solitude or emperor of the void or bewitched or at the gallows end,actualy most of their songs are amazing - Toucan

Their songs reflects pure doom and sadness.
On the right time. - Ananya

2 Solitude Aeturnus Solitude Aeturnus is an American epic doom metal band that was started in spring 1987 as Solitude, in Arlington, Texas.
3 Doomsword Doomsword is an Italian heavy metal band from Varese, in northern Italy with strong influences from epic themes such as ancient and medieval history, fantasy literature and European mythology.
4 Solstice
5 While Heaven Wept
6 Funeral Funeral are a Norwegian funeral doom band formed in 1991 by Thomas Angell and Anders Eek; soon afterward, Einar Frederiksen joined as bassist and songwriter and Christian Loos joined as guitarist.
7 Witchfinder General Witchfinder General were a heavy metal band from Stourbridge, England. They were part of the new wave of British heavy metal scene and have been cited as a major influence on the doom metal genre.
8 The Obsessed
9 Paradise Lost Paradise Lost are a gothic metal band that formed in 1988 in Halifax, England and are considered by some to be one of the pioneers of the death/doom genre and of the gothic metal genre.

Gothic is one of the most atmospheric and emotional doom metal albums ever made. There are moments of elation, but they coupled with moments of pure down tuned depressive doom. A beautiful album and the best Paradise Lost ever made.

10 Veni Domine

The Contenders

11 Arc of Ascent

Obscure band from New Zealand.
Songs: Search for Liberation, Celestial Altar, Land of Tides. - Metal_Treasure

12 Swallow The Sun Swallow the Sun is a Finnish melodic death/doom metal band. They have a melodic, atmospheric doom metal sound.
13 Ereb Altor
14 Sorcerer
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