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21 The Call of Ktulu

THE BEST METLLICA SOLO IS IN THIS SONg also parts of this songs were written by Dave from Megadeth - rockisgood132

The best instrumental ever.
Most Epic Part(5:25-6:15) - Clancy

22 Bleeding Me

This song has a cool part at the...
Most Epic Part(The near silence beginning at 7:15-7-:35. A simalar style song to "The Outlaw Torn". - Clancy

23 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

James at his best both on vocals n guitar, epic harmonic start followed by great guitar riffs... Legendary song..

Metallica's finest hour put into form, a true Magnum Opus that for me was a more iconic track than the much-loved Matser Of Puppets. Rhythm guitar work is simply incredible.

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24 Wherever I May Roam

The sitar is a cool opening. The way the song starts off slow and then builds and builds to the chorus is just epic, and the vocals are epic too. - Clancy

This should be up there in top 5 at least... Epic intro and great lyrics. One of the best creations of Metallica.

25 No Leaf Clover

So simple, so beautiful, so epic. No Leaf Clover is a true masterpiece by Metallica. Even for those "old Metallica" fans, this track is legendary. No Leaf Clover is not performed often enough, possibly to preserve it's awesomeness.

26 Thorn Within

Thorn Within is in my top 5 Metallica songs of all-time! I think it should be at least in the top 10. What is La Bamba doing here? It's not even a Metallica song. That being said, this song (i think) should be in the top 10. This is also one of Jason Newsted's favorite Metallica songs.

27 The God That Failed
28 Rebel of Babylon

One of Metallica's newest hits, Rebel of Babylon combines both "old" and "new" Metallica providing satisfaction to anyone who listens to it. An awesome song with a great story and metaphorical meaning. Rebel of Babylon is almost a successor to 'One', with that Death Magnetic feel.

29 The Day that Never Comes

Right, so, yeah, this is just a really good song, ya know? This thing makes me say more so…

30 Carpe Diem Baby
31 Sad But True
32 Leper Messiah
33 My Friend of Misery
34 Disposable Heroes

Wow. How isn't this on the list? Some of their best riffs! And the chorus?

35 Fight Fire With Fire
36 The Struggle Within
37 Until It Sleeps
38 Metal Militia

The militia should be right up top by now!

39 St. Anger
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