Top 10 Most Epic Moments from Avengers: Endgame


The Top Ten

1 "I am Iron Man"

Without a doubt - lukemcnamara72

2 Captain America wields Mjolnir

I was Stunned

3 The dusted Avengers come back
4 Black Widow sacrifices herself to retrieve the Soul Stone
5 Avengers Assemble

Epic without a doubt

The best climax of every MCU movie!

I loved this!
This was a great movie, definitely one of my favorite MCU films. - Metarock

6 Scarlet Witch almost defeats Thanos by herself

I LOVE HER! She is so amazing! My fave Avenger

This moment was so iconic. She finally got the moment she needed

7 All the Marvel Women
8 Ant-Man escapes the Quantum Realm
9 Thor reunites with Frigga

The beginning of Fat Thor is really the beat But this part is pretty good to! - Cornbreadk

10 Thanos dies (2nd time)

The Contenders

11 Captain Marvel rips through Thanos' ship
12 Captain Marvel rescues Iron-Man and Nebula
13 "Cheeseburgers"
14 Thanos dies (1st time)
15 Cap vs Cap
16 Hulk does the snap to bring the others back
17 Captain America vs Thanos Army
18 Ant Man's various attempts on Time Travel
19 Tony writes a message to Pepper
20 Peter Parker reunites with Tony Stark
21 War Machine knocks out Star-Lord to retrieve one of the the infinity stones
22 Spider Man uses kill mode
23 Ant-Man accidentally gets turned into a kid, old guy and baby
24 Drax kills one of Thanos’ minions
25 Captain America stands and is the only person left to destroy Thanos and his minions (until doctor strange sends everyone in to help Captain America)
26 Captain America turns old and reunites with Peggy Carter
27 Captain America, Iron Man and Thor vs Thanos
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Top Remixes

1. Captain America wields Mjolnir
2. The dusted Avengers come back
3. All the Marvel Women
1. "I am Iron Man"
2. Avengers Assemble
3. Black Widow sacrifices herself to retrieve the Soul Stone
1. Avengers Assemble
2. Captain America wields Mjolnir
3. The dusted Avengers come back


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