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21 Chronicals of Narnia

They need to make the 4rth one already. I have been waiting patiently but it's been a while.

22 Rocky Series

Okay, This movie series should be a lot closer to the top. Without this, where else would be the really good action movies we have today? Exactly! Rocky is classic sports action at it's best.

23 Percy Jackson Series
24 The Matrix Series
25 The Mummy Series

The movies are great, not excellent, but great, and it does have a rather epic storyline

26 Transformer Series

This should be in the top ten not at number 17 the first three movies are epic. Haven't seen 4th one yet

On of the greats series just wish there were more movies

27 Predator Series
28 Kill Bill Series


Barely even qualifies for considerate with only 2 films (and hopefully no more) - Billyv


29 Jurassic Park Series

The opener is the greatest movie ever and the sequels are entertaining too but the last one tends to disappoint a lil

30 Terminator Series
31 Superman Series

Definitely one of the best superhero series

32 Saw Series
33 Shrek Series
34 Mission Impossible Series

The movie is great ever seen movie like this it is most competible

35 Final Destination Series
36 Dirty Harry Series
37 Sherlock Holmes Series
38 Planet of the Apes Series
39 Mad Max
40 Paranormal Activity Series
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