Top 10 Most Epic Pranks to Do On Halloween

Fall is coming and summer is ending! So, I would want to make this list about Halloween which is the most terrifying day out of all of the 365 days that we have and on this day, haunted houses open, horror movies marathon begins and the most important event of all, PRANKING!. Today, I'll be giving you Top 10 Most Epic Pranks To Do On Halloween!

The Top Ten

1 Leave a trail of fake blood to a random car, and when they open it have a fake dead body appears

This is another good one. I totally recommend you to do this one. - JaysTop10List

Blood is cool and its cooler when you use it for a prank

2 Leave a bag of candy and before kids can get the candy, have a fake person hanged from the top of the house pop out of nowhere

This will frighten them so much until they figure out it's fake. - JaysTop10List

3 Have a female friend dress up as a woman in white with her face covered, make her stand in the middle of a hallway and have her scare people once they pass her

This'll be awesome but I hope you won't end up in detention... - JaysTop10List

LOL! Sounds very funny. 😂

4 Lay your friend on the sidewalk and have a baby sibling stand next to them with a bloody knife

Aubrey killed Kaitlyn... YOU WERE WRONG, MOMMY! I DIDN'T MURDER ANYONE YET! - Merilille

I've got this from Roman Atwood... - JaysTop10List

5 Pour a bucket of fake blood on your parents

Unless if you hate them, still don't!


6 Have a group of friends with scary masks on chase people who seem to be frightened of you

This will be an epic prank! Totally epic! - JaysTop10List

7 Scare everyone in a store by running around with a fake chainsaw

Wouldn't security come after you? - nintendofan126

You'll get in big trouble though... - JaysTop10List

This is a bonkers idea - jmepa123

8 Dress as a scary escaped prisoner and chase random people

Well... That could be a good prank. But if anyone is dressed like that, NOT prisoner at all and the police had arrested that person on the spot for no reason, then that could be a misunderstanding though.

Got this from FouseyTube... - JaysTop10List

9 Put a severed head in front of somebody's car

I really hope it would be fake... - TheCobainDomain

This may not be the best one but it's worth doing. - JaysTop10List

10 Dress as an evil killer clown

This is an automatic kick in the nuts - lol2016

Please, do you expect me to be scared by this? - EpicJake

The Contenders

11 Design Your House Like FNaF

No, no, no. Please stop FNaF. - TheYoshiOverlord

12 Tie red balloons to sewers
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