Top Ten Epic Rap Battles of History Ideas

This isn't for any specific season, just for the future of ERB. If there are any sports suggestions, those don't have much traction with Lloyd and Peter because they don't hold much interest in those. It took 66 episodes to get Tony Hawk in one. Please add them in. I'm kinda new to this.

The Top Ten

1 Ernest Hemingway vs. F. Scott Fitzgerald

Two famous writers of American history. - BlazenSpirit

2 Brutus vs. Judas

The two most famous betrayers in human/fictional history, what's not to like? - BlazenSpirit

3 Nathan Drake vs. Indiana Jones

Two badass explorers fighting it off in a rap battle, the reason I didn't do Lara Croft was because she's not really like either of these, she's a serious character, these two are rather humorous. - BlazenSpirit

4 Prince vs. David Bowie

Two icons of our time, famous singers, I think it's pretty good, considering they both just died. - BlazenSpirit

5 King Arthur vs. Beowulf

Two iconic heroes of legend. - BlazenSpirit

6 Malcolm Reynolds vs Han Solo

This makes more sense then Han fighting Indiana Jones. - BlazenSpirit

7 Charlie Chaplin vs. Howard Hughes

Two famous directors, one played by Robert Downey Jr., another by Leonardo DiCaprio, it could be interesting. - BlazenSpirit

8 Freddy vs Jason

Ash could also be inserted here as a rapper! - BlazenSpirit

9 Ashley J. Williams vs Daryl Dixon

It could be Meryl, because they both got the fake hands, but they are both bad-asses in their own right. - BlazenSpirit

Hey I really confused I don't even know these guys

10 Gollum vs. Lindsey Lohan

What? They're both crack-addicts. - BlazenSpirit

The Newcomers

? Jules Verne vs. H.G. Wells
? Captain America vs Kim Jong-Un

This would be hilarious. Considering how Kim Jong Un hates America. They did Hulk Hogan and Macho Man vs Kim Jong 2 years ago. This would be cool now. Too sad that ERB doesn't make videos anymore. - B1ueNew

The Contenders

11 Homer Simpson vs. Peter Griffin
12 The Three Musketeers vs. the Three Stooges
13 George Lucas vs. James Cameron

I know, too many directors, but they're so good. - BlazenSpirit

14 Gerard Way vs. Brendon Urie
15 Chuck Berry vs Louis Armstrong

True King of Rock vs. King of Jazz - BlazenSpirit

16 Hawkeye vs. Legolas

Can't do Green Arrow, he and Hawkeye are the same person. - BlazenSpirit

17 Christopher Nolan vs. Ridley Scott

Alien puns... - BlazenSpirit

18 Franklin D. Roosevelt vs. John F. Kennedy

He dies halfway through due to his brain, replaced by William McKinley, but both are gunned down by Lee Harvey Oswald, who is challenged by John Wilkes Booth. genius. - BlazenSpirit

19 Batman vs. Iron Man
20 Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka vs. Ian Brady & Myra Hindley

2 serial killer couples pitted against one another. - clusium

21 Voldemort vs Palpatine
22 Poop vs Nicki Minaj

Poop would win

23 Jimi Hendrix vs Stevie Ray Vaughan
24 David Gilmour vs Alex Lifeson

Be good to see these two prog guitarists go off at eachother - BrianScott01

25 Dean and Sam Winchester vs. The Hardy Brothers

No, NOT the South Park ones. Fairly certain they are gay. Either way, both mystery solvers, although Hardy Bros could be swapped with Shaggy and Scooby - BlazenSpirit

26 Archimedes vs. Pythagoras

Two famous mathematicians, who set the standard for mathematics today. - BlazenSpirit

27 Eli Whitney vs Alexander Graham Bell

Inventors that changed the way we produce and mass produce. - BlazenSpirit

28 Henri Nestle vs Milton Hershey

Giants of candy, chomping chocolate chiefly. Genius. - BlazenSpirit

29 Hiromu Arakawa vs. Akira Toriyama

Two great manga writers, look up what they wrote if you don't know. - BlazenSpirit

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