Top 10 Epic Rap Battles of History That Should Happen

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41 Sage the Gemini vs Tupac Shakur

That would be funny if Sage the Gemini dissed Tupac - TimeToGoToWorkClockIn

42 Sting vs Sting
43 Harry Potter vs. Lord Voldemort
44 Hannibal Lecter vs. Norman Bates

They're some of the most well known serial killers in all of pop culture. Both are crazy, but one is particularly known for being Psycho and the other is a psychiatrist.

45 Selene (Underworld) vs Alice (Resident Evil)

I've always wanted to see Selene rap against someone, and she and Alice are kind of similar. PLEASE PLEASE DO THIS ONE, I BEG YOU!

46 Kurt Cobain vs Ozzie Ozbourne
47 Bart Starr vs Peyton Manning
48 Pele vs Robin van Persie
49 Ness vs Lucas
50 Jeff the Killer vs. Freddy Krueger
51 Deadpool vs. Spiderman

People keep thinking that Deadpool is the Spiderman rip off, time to show them otherwise

52 Bill and Ted vs Lewis and Clark

Smosh could play B&T and Rhett and Link could play L&C. That would be great. - BlastZER0

53 Roald Dahl vs Michael Morpurgo

2 best authors ever

54 Blink 182 vs Sum 41
55 The Rev vs Joey Jordison
56 The Rock vs Stone Cold
57 Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels
58 MGM vs Eminem
59 MGK vs Eminem
60 Nicki Minaj vs Barbie
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