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21 Mr. T vs Mr. Rogers

Mr. Rogers bro I mean really its funny as hell

I hope you don't mind if I rock sneakers till this battles over, so I don't get blood from your ugly face on my panty loafers

Mr Rogers slaughters T

"I'll chop you into 4 black dudes and remake cool runnings"

Clever line, and so so insulting!

Mr. Rogers is a savage

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22 Abe Lincoln vs Chuck Norris

Very funny chuck Norris won he doesn't fight he allows you to loose he doesn't swim water loves to be around him laugh out loud

You may of freed the slaves but chuck is everyone's master

"I'll rip your chest hairs out, put 'em in my mouth. I'll squash you like I squashed the south."

4 score and 65 years in the past I won the civil war with my beard

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23 Gandhi vs Martin Luther King Jr.

It's a good rap battle.

This was hands down the most brilliantly written.

This one is the best of all... Great lyrics

They both did good good rhymes and roasts so it's a tie for me - maloneyscott

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24 Deadpool vs Boba Fett

Although the most recent, the beat is one of the most well done of the entire series. The burns and disses were straight fire, and I can't believe that this is number 47. Loved it!

Boba Fett won because of his last line, Deadpool was winning the first part but Boba Fett won it.

Best one for clash! There wasn't a single line that lacked straight fire!

37? Boba Fetty Wap all the way!

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25 Darth Vader vs Hitler 3

This is THE BEST hitler vs vader version ever! Boba Fett won it!

Ray William Johnson would be the epitome voice for Donald Duck & Knuckles the Echidna (mainly by the voice of Ray William Johnson himself).

I beat you twice you sellout, now you bow down to Mickey Mouse! - Tacocheese

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26 Bill Nye vs Isaac Newton

As Neil said the universe is infinite but this battle is finished.

Why is this down here? This is one of my best list. Specially when that cosmos host appeared from nowhere... Hilarious...

This was the funniest one and is extremely underrated

See!? This is what happens when you always heck up over how "awesome" the Hitler vs. Vader trilogy is. Someone else's favorite is bound to not make the top 10. I especially loved the moment when Nye did his signature spinning head and Newton rapped out an entire equation.

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27 Clint Eastwood vs Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is the winner

Already on the list please remove.

28 Nice Peter vs Epic LLOYD

It was cool at the end

The most emotion and the hardest lines.

EpicLLOYD could voice Sonic the Hedgehog & Nice Peter could voice Bomberman.

How about EpicLLOYD voices Clyde the orange ghost (red in Pac-Man World 2 & Pac-Man World 3 which is proven as erroneous by Namco) & NicePeter voices Chris Thorndyke, who is Princess Peach (who is much more terrible) the most in Sonic X (despite being male), not Amy Rose (who is mostly Luigi), Scratchpad & everyone else.

29 Gandalf vs Dumbledore

Gandalf kicked his ass and then fed it to a overweight cow named john

The Prophecy never mentioned the day I'd kick your ass back to Gandalf the grey.

Your ass is like gringotts everyone makes a deposit hahaaha

30 Alexander the Great vs Ivan the Terrible

Get my chair. I'm weary from tearing you a new derriere from here to red square. Absolutely awesome

Look alive, creme the kremlins arriving. Try to serve Ivan no surviving!

Frederick's whole performance is the best in this one. Too bad it is biased for Catherine.

This battle was really good. My favorite part was EpicLyod as Fredrick the great entering the battle. He did really well. ERB thought out this battle really well and had very clever burns bouncing between rappers, but Ivan didn't really rap between Fredrick and cathrine. Most of his sick rapping was towards Alexander the Great. I guess they just didn't want to extend the video to far and give him to many lines. Other than that, I overall love this rap battle.

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31 James Bond vs Austin Powers

Tension rose. Tension blossomed. Every single rhyme I find increasingly bettering as the rap progresses. It's stupendous!

32 Moses vs Santa Claus

You put the Christ out of Christmas and just added more MASS!

When I was high upon the mountain God told me the secrets of the earth but he never mentioned some fat ass papa smurf

Begat deez nuts line alone makes this amazing, Santa takes it for me.

Come on man, show some love

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33 Romeo and Juliet vs Bonnie and Clyde

Grace and Hannah rock this battle, this is definitely my favorite based primarily on their parts.

Romeo was so funny plus it is one of the best team battles, much better than the Mario one

The people they chose to play the girls were spot on! Definitely the best

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34 Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton

I don't like either of them but Donald completely tore up Hillary. But Abe won anyway

it is lit

Hail Trump

Yeah Abe won

35 John Lennon vs Bill O'Reilly

The one that started it all. They have some fire in this one and it gives it a more passionate vibe.

John Lennon Won

I hate that everyone says John Lennon won this one. I'm not a Bill O Reilly fan, but in this erb, he won. All of those Beetles references that he mad were pretty clever.

The og rap battle

36 Billy Mays vs Ben Franklin

You couldn't break a piece of balsa, slap chop your face make a double chin salsa, if you look closely, you can see (Free gift if you order more than you need)

Ill craft a lyrical coffin and spit the nails in, call me arthur miller son, cause its death of a salseman!

37 Blackbeard vs Al Capone

First: The flow of both rappers is sick, especially Capone's.
Second: This is one of the rap battles with the most historical allusions in it.
Third: Not only does it allude to history, but it alludes to Assassin's Creed! A battle having both historical and pop-cultural references is hard to create. Props to them for that!
Fourth: "You spent time in Alcatraz- I'm sure you were fine if you dropped the soap as little as you drop dope lines." hilarious.

I mean that rat nest beard's trapped so many crumbs this bum could get marooned and still eat lunch for a month.

You ain't a tough guy my kids dress up like you for Halloween

it's a tie - maloneyscott

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38 Rick Grimes vs Walter White

Characters from my two favorite shows ever, how could I not choose this, "No one saw Shane coming, except for your wife."

This is just it. I've seen most others and I've never liked any better than this (except the Vader vs Hitler ones)

I'm so sorry for the narration that bites by zombie at the end...

They nailed the characters perfect. The 'Carl, get back' was spot on!

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39 Thomas Edison vs Nikola Tesla

The wordplay in this one is some of their best writing. The only problem is that for people to really enjoy it, they need to know the history of Edison and Tesla, and the nature of the technology being developed.

"The world would curse the con Edison with every utility"... that's gold right there.

I give this my vote in part because I almost cracked a rib laughing the first time I saw it and in part because I keep watching it again because the flow and lyrics are so great. For those that don't know the story and want ANOTHER laugh today, there's a comic explaining it all in brief at (no dry science, I promise)

Nikola was way more intelligent and if it weren't for him I wouldn't be typing this right now. Plus the lyrics were awesome and so catchy

40 Michael Jordan vs Muhammad Ali

One of my favorite ones because almost every line was a funny insult unlike other battles.

It had both flow and epic lines. They actually rapped properly instead of others like clint eastwoods talk-rapping

Ali offended me when he said space jam sucks - maloneyscott

Michal Jodon suks

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