Top 10 Epic Skins in Fortnite


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1 Skull Trooper Skull Trooper

It's just as Skeleton!, defaults better for my taste, you think I'm kidding, I'm not joking, I rather play as a blonde tfue lookalike than a default in a skeleton skin, because this skin is just a default in a costume, oh wait that's all skins too - B1ueNew

Everyone has this skin its common not rare

The best skin ever dude buy it!

By the way I did not right that nobody loves you B1ueNew thing. I would not do that that's a terrible thing to say I don't have much a reason to say that in the first place. And sorry about you getting suspended this website's admin is a complete jerk.

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2 Merry Marauder Merry Marauder

Great, but only overrated because it's "Rare", I mean it's not a pokemon card for crying out loud, you can't sell accounts, it's illegal and against epics terms of service, and if you do like the skin for the design, don't cry like a baby when it comes back - B1ueNew


3 Galaxy Skin

You know what I just love this skin it's not a joke to me if it was it would not be on here really the jimmy neutron thing does not matter to me I only said that because at that time I really cared what people think but not really anymore so yeah I love this skin it's amazing

I don't really like this it just reminds me about jimmy neutron my favorite childhood show - Lucasbck36

Best skin for spoiled brat kids to brag about in school, (It's a joke lucasbck36, you're still a great user) - B1ueNew

4 Ghoul Trooper

A default but green - B1ueNew

This so good of a sking

Nope - Lucasbck36

It's the same hair, same figure, just the shades of her pants and top are different and she's green, but the body is the same design as a default - B1ueNew

5 Sparkle Specialist Sparkle Specialist

A default but with makeup - B1ueNew

Than what is it? , Kim Kardashian? Same hair, same eyes, same body and design, same tank top, same pants, but with different colors so yeah it is a default with makeup and sparkly legs - B1ueNew

Nope not true - Lucasbck36

6 Redline
7 Funk Ops Funk Ops
8 TomatoHead
9 Burnout
10 Beef Boss

Best burger king patty employee - B1ueNew

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? Ginger Gunner

The Contenders

11 Archetype

Archetype is the best - B1ueNew

It's a very ugly skin - Lucasbck36

I hate archetype - Lucasbck36

I love this skin

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12 BattleHawk

The best by far

It looks cool

13 Fire Works Team Leader
14 Hay Man

The best skin by far only pros use this so if you see one be run or be intimidated

I wish I had this skin skin will become og pros only

15 Venturion

It's a sick classic spangle superhero skin plus his cap rocks. much better than most of the skins on this list

16 Abstrakt
17 Elite Agent
18 Rook
19 Sanctum
20 Bunny Brawler
21 Double Helix

Double helix is more rare then archetype

22 Nite Nite
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