Best Episode Ideas For Nature Cat

The Top Ten
1 Nature Cat Does Catnip
2 Attack of the Ticks!
3 Nature Cat: End Game
4 Daisy and the Big Cheese
5 Fred's Desert Adventure
6 Diffrent Way (Back Home)

Not to Be Confused with the Other Diffrent Way (The one we Shouldn't Speak Of)

7 Ness Pays a Visit
8 Hal Breaks the Forth Wall
9 Fred Discovers Catnip
10 Tanya Kills The Puke Cat
The Contenders
11 Everyone's a Fairy
12 Missingno. Pays a Visit
13 Let's Go Luna! Crossover
14 Emma Gets Stuck in a Haunted Mansion

She deserved it for being stupid.

15 Big Hairy Worms
16 Nature of Puns
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