Top 10 Episode Ideas for the SpongeBob Series Finale


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21 So Long, Bikini Bottom
22 Squidward Leaves the Show
23 Plankton Wins
24 It Was All Just A Dream
25 Everyone Dies and the Show Ends
26 No More Patrick, no More My Life

Episode begins a fight Sponge Bob and Patrick and broken frendship.Patrick moved to New Kelp City with her sister Sem.SpongeBob crying all day, so that the gary went.SpongeBob is the Krusty Krab, the barbecue and make burgers and also more crying.Mr.Krabs quits Sponge Bob.With no money, deprive him kuću.Sponge now living on the street, crying with deep pathos.Street goes Sendy, which asks SpongeBob what happened.On the road to her house she witnessed a sponge full event.

27 Boss Plankton

M.R krabs finds out that he can work at a mint when he sees a help wanted sign. He is overjoyed and signs up right away! When sponge bob finds out he goes into rage mode! When krabs goes away sponge bob grabs the secret formula from the safe and asks plankton if he can run the krusty krab. Plankton accepts it right away! Meanwhile M.R krabs steals all the money he makes and gets sent to jail! One year later he gets out and returns to the krusty krab, and faints when he sees plankton in his office

28 Demolition Doofus (Alternate Ending)
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