Top Ten Episode Ideas for We Bare Bears

Lol ----> 🐻🐼 lol ice bear is gone....
Sorry if I don't put like a crossover thing like that!

The Top Ten

1 The Fight

So the brothers have a BIG fight and so they move out of the house until they realize that they miss each other... Or something like that? I don't know?! - Danguy10

2 Visitors

So Charlie like decides he wants to throw a party and the Bears disagree with him and so they're house is like destroy,rekt and MLG stuff

Help me out guys it's like 10:50 that I made this list! - Danguy10

3 The Job

It's like that cupcake job episode except panda gets a job at a coffee shop and grizzly and ice bear get upset that panda doesn't get to hang out with them. So panda quits. - Danguy10

4 The Origin Part 1

It would be a AWESOME episode for we bare bears. Just to know how they met.

Wow one of the best ideas in this list

So it's a 3 part and it tells us how the Bears meet. - Danguy10

I think their brothers... But good idea!

5 The Origin Part 2
6 The Origin Part 3
7 Grizz Loses His Voice

Finally, Grizz can shut up.

That would be FANTASTIC!

A 500 hour special of we bare bears! Watch it starting on the next Friday the 13th at 6:16pm Central Time

That what u get for abusing your brothers

8 Panda Gets Famous

Panda posts some of his amazing anime pics and gets lots of followers panda becomes a jerk from all the fame then nom nom posts something that makes everyone forget about panda panda makes ups with the bears and end

9 Super Bears?

It's just like a non-canon episode.
I don't know how it would go so you guys get to chose what happens! - Danguy10

I have a idea the bears each have a favorite superhero grizz's favorite is ironman pandas is spiderman and ice bears is batman they argue on which is the best and they have a battle cosplaying as them and they make up at the end

10 Snow Day!

The Bears go out on in adventure on a snowy day then get lost and at the end they realize that they're house was just 6 inches away from them. - Danguy10

I think that will be a good, funny, idea.

The Newcomers

? Kidnapped

It starts when the bears are babies. They are on their box, waiting to get adopted. Suddenly, a kidnapper kidnapps the bears. He kinapped them because he's one of the members of a killing bear company. Fortunantly, the bears escape and go back to their box.

The Contenders

11 Chloe and Panda

Come on they did it with ice bear. I think that they need to do Chloe and panda! - Danguy10

12 The NBA 2K

Cavs blew 3-1 lead

The bears go to games stop and play nba 2k games. enough said.

13 Movie Stars

The Bears accidentally get in a movie set and then the director thought they might be a great cast for the movie but at the end the movie was a disappointment. Well they meant to do that on purpose! - Danguy10

14 One Coarse Bear
15 The Bears Watch Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals
16 The Revenge

Ice Bear and Panda get revenge on Grizz because of what Grizz did to them in episode 8

17 Nom Nom Gets Deported
18 Chloe and Grizz
19 Chloe x Ice Bear
20 The Boyfriend

Chole gets a boyfriend and forgets about the bears chole and her boyfriend go on a date and the bears sabotage it that makes chole's boyfriend break up with her and chole is mad and doesn't want to be friends with the bears but they eventually make up

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