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21 Opposites Attract

Charlie and chole meet each other and they start to love each other they become a couple and forget about the bears the bears sabotage there date and chole and charlie break up and just be friends I know it's kinda creepy but I think it can work

22 Ice Bear the Bounty Hunter

Ice bear is watching a bounty hunter show and he becomes one and does the job excellently but then he will be paid 1 million dollars if he slays the bears and if he doesn't he will have to fight some huge muscular guy and ice bear succeds and quits

23 The Finale
24 The Dare; Panda's Backstory

This would have Grizz going primal for the first time (he gets locked in a closet for 1 full day) and ice bear speaking in 1st person also pandas life before seeing the other bears is exposed

25 The Dare

The bears are bored and don't know what to do so they decide to dare each other on stuff that they'll never do.

This episode will have a primal grizz and ice bear speaks in first person

26 Grizzly Gets the Teen Titans Go! Syndrome
27 The Woods

One day the bears find out that deep in the woods there is magical wand that lets you turn anything into any food you want, the next day (Friday the 13th) they go into the center of the woods and go in a cave that has the wand, when they get there the cave is filled with traps and invisible ghosts that possesses, all while competing a maze. They do get the wand, but Grizz doe get possessed

Why am I here?

28 When Personalities Change: Part 1

One night Ice Bear stayed up all night watching T.V. while Grizz and Panda was knocked out (not literally dead, just asleep real hard) because they got sick while hanging out with Chole. That same night, Ice Bear went into the mini garage to build to machine that if people that are in, their personalities will change, the following morning Ice Bear pulled his brothers of their bed and put all three of them in their and asked Charlie to press the button that activates the machine thingy. Then, Chole comes to the bears cave and finds Ice Bear that now acting like Panda, panicking about his brothers are still "sleepwalking to the very top of the Golden Gate Bridge and fall of it, but Panda and Grizz are already halfway to the bridge. So, Ice Bear and Chole intentionally steals a moving van filled with extremely cold water and the machine Ice Bear made overnight. Fortunately a few 100 feet away from the bridge, they were able to bypass Grizz and Panda and is able to stop them from ...more

29 Dubstep
30 The Song Rip Off

Panda wants a song by a Pop singer and once panda gets the record they all fight over it. The Bears stop fighting and put the record in the record in the record player and it was HORRIBAL and Ice Bear threw his axe at the record player

31 Ice Bear Rescues His Brothers
32 A Pal For Grizz
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