Episodes to Be Created If the Pokemon Ranger Series Had a TV Series

The Top Ten

Everyone Gets Eaten by Wild Animals

Good. - mattstat716

The Gang Gets Stabbed
One Coarse Ranger
A Pal for the Entire Cast
Truth or Rangerquences

The cast is banned from using the toilet so they all pee on each other. - PageEmperor

It’s a Rangerful Life
Different Way
The Entire Cast Catches Fire and Fall Into a Pit
Villain Boss Moans
The Rangers Eat Too Much and Fart

The Contenders

All the Characters are Injected with Poison
Ash Kills Everyone and Then Himself

This would be great if it happened! - PageEmperor

The Rangers Get Pooped On The Face
The Pokémon Rangers Became Pregnant
Ash Evolves Into Fred Figglehorn
Pokémon Rangers in Ren and Stimpy Art Style
Pokémon Rangers in Attack on Titan
Ash Gets Turned Into Caillou
Funny I Shrunk the Rangers
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