Top 10 Episodes from the Fictional Show Narwhal Tom

Narwhal Tom is a new villain in the show he is a unibrowed narwhal who will find ways to get other people money but he has a reason why he steals money its to go back to Alaska to see his parents but for now he usually schemes to get money here are ten episodes

The Top Ten

1 Bank Account

In this episode SpongeBob meets a unibrowed narwhal who acts nice to him so SpongeBob lets him visit his house but what SpongeBob does not know is that the narwhal is hacking into SpongeBob's bank account and he also locks SpongeBob in his own room - TheMask

He debuts so it has to be the best - TheMask

In this episode he debuts so SB lets him visit his house but what SpongeBob does not know is that the narwhal is hacking into SB's bank account he also locks SpongeBob in his room and disquises as SpongeBob to get his money in the bank leaving SpongeBob no money at all. In the end Narwhal Tom gets arrested - TheMask

2 Accusing

Probably his most villainous act in this episode Mr. Krabs is accused for stealing the bank money and for hurting Narwhal Tom but actually its Narwhal Tom disquised as Mr. Krabs stealing the money hiding it in Krabs's house and having Narwhal beat himself up he also prevents SpongeBob from telling the truth by gagging him just to get all the money himself in the end he gets arrested - TheMask

3 The Konge

In this episode Narwhal Tom tricks SpongeBob into believing he has the Konge a fatal disease to sponges and that he will die in Ten minutes and the only cure is to give Narwhal Tom all his money for Narwhal Tom to convert it into an antidote but since SpongeBob is dumb he believes in it and gives Narwhal Tom all his money in the end the police gave SpongeBob all the money back to SpongeBob because SpongeBob did have the konge and Narwhal tom had to give all the money back and got sick - TheMask

4 Money Krabs

Narwhal Tom tricks both SpongeBob and Pat that there is a monster he eats people if they don't give Narwhal Tom money the monster is later revealed to be real and attacks Narwhal Tom and gives all the money back to SB - TheMask

5 Homesick

The last apperance of Narwhal Tom in this episode Narwhal Tom tells the whole Bikini Bottom his story about his Parents and how he got seperated at the age of two but no one believes in him exexcept for SB so he tries to prove that Narwhal Tom is right and gives him a traveling ticket to Alaska. SB says that he will miss him and Sandy also says it in the end Narwhal Tom is gone and will never return back to Bikini Bottom while in Alaska he sees his parents and hugs them crying in joy - TheMask

6 Horn Broke

In this episode narwhal Tom's horn broke and blames SpongeBob by punching and stealing his money then Sandy came and says that actually it's a over-sized tooth but Narwhal Tom wants its horn back fast becuase other people may think that he is a female so Sandy quickly has to build a machine to make his horn grow fast - TheMask

7 Ghostly Robbery

In this episode Narwhal Tom steals Plankton's invention to turn people into ghost so he steals it and turns into a ghost to steal Krabs' money but each time SpongeBob sees him and later calls then ghostbusters (Bikini Bottom style) he gets sucked in and has to find his way out to steal money - TheMask

8 Rich Envy

Narwhal Tom sees the richest man in Bikini Bottom from the the top of his house (he lives in a Narwhal head house with a big fat 20 feet horn making it bigger than Krabs house) he then gets envious about him and tries to steal his money at night time - TheMask

9 Lunar Eclipse

Narwhal Tom wants to see the Lunar eclipse that's going to happen but actually the lunar eclipse powers his house and makes the house be able to walk to crush bikini bottom and to steal everyone's money in the end he gets arrsted - TheMask

10 Bank Robbery

Narwhal Tom steals a bank and has to prevent the police from arresting him - TheMask

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