Best Episodes of the Game Grumps 10 Minute Power Hour

The Game Grumps Ten Minute Power Hour is a recent Game Grumps series that is quickly becoming my favourite thing on the channel. Instead of gaming, these episodes are all about messing about with various board games and toys, but in the standard, stupid Game Grumps fashion.

The Top Ten

The Great Glittery Sock Puppet Palooza

Sock puppets are always wonderful for a good laugh, and this episode took it further than normal through the designs of the puppets, as well as stuff like both of them burning themselves with the glue guns. Everything involving Matt was also highly amusing. - kempokid

Awesome - AliciaMae

Do the Urkel!

"It's not stupid" That quote alone made this episode one of my personal favourites in the series. The absurdity of the game further accentuated the humour of everything involved. - kempokid

"Can you Urkel your way to a win? ” is the best selling point I’ve ever heard 😂

Guiness World Records

The editing was absolutely on point throughout the video, with many parts that I consider to be funny or amazing, such as Vernon almost getting stabbed with scissors and Dan catching a marshmallow in his mouth after spitting it in the air. The chubby bunny thing was also hysterical. - kempokid

Guiness World Records Part 2

I found this episode to be somewhat underwhelming at first, but then some funny parts really elevated the episode, such as Arin's juggling, "now with slappies" and Dan's M&M pants. - kempokid

Board Game Bonanza

I loved how stupid Dan's victory was in the first game. This was a much more easygoing, laid back episode in general, focusing solely on the stupidity of the board games. - kempokid

Magical Manic Makeup Monday

The Arin's live unscrew timer was absolutely amazing. The dialogue in general was on point, with many great moments, such as "savour the peelies." and "7 and 2, just like how I drive." - kempokid

Just Married!

I found it to be less ridiculous than a lot of other episodes, but the acting was extremely high quality in general. - kempokid

Just Married Part 2

The slow realisation that there was something sinister going on with Dan was interesting to watch unfold. Dan getting all the points was also funny. - kempokid

Piloting the Perfect Paper Airplane

The fact that all of the planes failed so badly that Dan won by scrunching his paper in a ball was perfect. The joke about Arin not liking stuff near his butt was also so random that it became funny. The birth of the are we rolling gag was here as well, giving this episode many significant accomplishments. - kempokid

Candy Makin' Candy Men

As well as the candy making being disgusting in a way that was amusing. The extra sideplot about Dan being a bad friend was executed very well, displaying Arin's acting ability. - kempokid

The Contenders

Tie Dye

Hilarious in a nonsensical kind of way. A refreshing deviation from the standard formula.

Yeti in My Spaghetti
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