Top Ten Episodes Girl Meets World Should Make

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1 Girl Meets Lucas's Brother

Lucas has a big brother, Logan, that Maya is in love with, but she's dating Josh, her boyfriend which she had tried to get for 3 years. Logan likes Maya too, but who will Maya chose? - sabrinafan

2 Girl Meets Lucas's Girlfriend

I want it to be Avery from Dog with a Blog

Yeah, it should be Avery

Avery was cute with him

Of course! Anyway, Lucas/ Wes BELONGS with Avery!

3 Girl Meets Peyton
4 Girl Meets Angela

This would be a good episoid

5 Girl Meets Boy Meets World

There could be an episoid where cory tells riley all about him concurring the world

6 Girl Meets Science Fair
7 Girl Meets Deadpool
8 Girl Meets Lucas Chooses Maya Instead of Riley

Hahah this title is so straightforward. lucaya shipper, well done

9 Girl Meets Sleepover
10 Girl Meets Marvel

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11 Girl Meets Riley's Death

This would be the most terrible show with this episode. This show would cease to exist without Riley the main character. Just because some people don't like her doesn't mean other people don't admire Riley and her awesome and very unique style.

I dated her so shut the hell up - andre56

I would be ok with the other ones but this one because Riley is the main character in this show. oh and Girl meets Augie gets killed in 911 would be terrible.

What the h? why would u want to kill riley? JEsus people have a heart

12 Girl Meets Move to ABC Family
13 Girl meets LGBT

This is possible but change the title dude, like to the name of a transgender in the series (like Farkle)

14 Girl Meets Sanjay and Craig
15 Girl Meets Voice Lessons

Riley really needs them. - TopTensFan

Riley seriously needs them.

Heh. That would be funny. - Minecraftcrazy530

16 Girl Meets Best Friend's Whenever
17 Girl Meets TheTopTens

They all know about this site - andre56

I would like this one. - TopTensFan

*cough* haha ok

18 Girl Meets Lucaya
19 Girl Meets Farkle Love

Farkle love... sounds like a unicorn academy

20 Girl Meets Actors
21 Girl Meets Auggie Gets Killed In 9/11

Augie is a very unique character. Taking him away is terrible. This amazing show would go from being my favorite to being the worst. I think this episode should NOT be aired.

Oh my god! Auggie is a really important character inthe series! also 9 11 is finished due, don't bring back the trauma

22 Girl Meets Yearbook
23 Girl Meets Skittles
24 Girl Meets Tariq Nasheed
25 Girl Meets No More Rucas
26 Girl Meets A Long Walk to Philadelphia

They need to visit Alan amd Amy there (and Josh or Morgan if they're there)! It would be a blast to the past. Bring the memories back Jacobs!

27 Girl Meets Stuck in the Wringer
28 Girl Meets Titan from Attack on Titan
29 Girl Meets Spanking Paddle
30 Girl Meets Robot Chicken
31 Girl Meets Boku No Pico
32 Girl Meets Adult Swim
33 Girl Meets Pregnancy
34 Girl Meets 16 and Pregnant
35 Girl Meets Prostitutes
36 Girl Meets Toilet Humor
37 Girl Meets Human Toilet
38 Girl Meets Breadwinners
39 Girl Meets Swirly
40 Girl Meets Trudy Walker (Poo Girl)
41 Girl Meets Teen Titans Go
42 Girl Meets Puffy Fluffy
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