Top Ten Best The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Episodes 

"The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius" has been one of the great shows in the history of Nickelodeon. Sadly, it ended in 2006, but a lot of fans hope that a season 4 will be back. Here are the top 10 best episodes.
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1 Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen

This goes to all Jimmy Neutron episodes. This show was amazing and incredible. I know that lots of people want it to be revived, but I don't, because it finished with best finale possible and making more episodes will just ruin the shows' reputation.

Best Episode! I like the part where Libby tells Sheen that she is his girlfriend and he gains the tiger's eye.

Incredible episode, brings back so many amazing memories

Sheen! You better put a hurtin' to this fool! You here me?! This is your girlfriend talking to you! - Libby Folfax.

2 Win, Loose And Kaboom

This episode had one of the most nightmare fuel moments. The Eat and Forget scene really messed me up. Regardless, I consider this episode to be the best.

I said Jimmy's my friend. If he's with the rock in the park right now you're not gonna here from me! - Sheen Estevez.

This episode showcases the best in JN: exciting sci-fi adventures, good lessons for viewers, and fun to watch. A must-see episode.

Worst episode ever all because of Cindy Vortex's aggression.

3 The League Of Villains

This is definitely in the top 5. This is the episode that Cindy almost tells Jimmy that she loves him. This was great.

Such a good episode

4 Stranded

This episode is actually one of the best. It has some really beautiful moments when Jimmy and Cindy are together in the island.

Everyone with a brain knows that E stands for... Elp' yourself to some gas! - Sheen Estevez.

5 Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion

Makes some very funny jabs at James Bond

Sheen is the chosen one.

6 When Pants Attack

I like the old episodes much better than the newer ones where they all have crushes.

7 The N Men

This was an amazing episode

Cindy's costume was so cool.

Very cool episode!

Really cool episode! JIMMY SMASH!

8 The Tomorrow Boys

Sheen, you risked your life to make sure that I stayed who I am. That's the nicest gift anyone has ever given me. - Libby Folfax.

The best moment of this episode is the ending.

9 Lady Sings The News

What a great episode! It shows how things changed from the first and second season and the surprise ending everyone was waiting for!

Jimmy kissed Cindy! WOW!

10 Love Potion

It’s amazing how nothing that happened during any episode was forgotten throughout the show. For example since the Love Potion episode Sheen still likes Libby, Jimmy still likes Cindy, and Carl still likes Jimmy’s mom. Another example is also Libby’s hair style change in the episode Beach Party Mummy, and also how the monks remembered Sheen in Shangri Llama!

Love Potion is a great episode, but I don't think it deserves 4th place. Maybe 7th would be good.

The Contenders
11 Professor Calamitous, I Presume
12 Sheen's Brain

Best episode ever

13 Vanishing Act

Vanishing Act is a very underrated episode but it is actually really cool. It also has its funny parts like every episode.

You've heard of Houdini. You've heard of those two forgein guys with the animals. - Carl Wheezer.

Backwards head man

14 The King Of Mars

You are so clueless Vortex! Of course I know you exist! That's why I pretend to ignore you! - Jimmy Neutron (To Cindy Vortex).

I just think your pretty smart and smell nice and you kind of distract me sometimes. - Jimmy Neutron (To Cindy Vortex).

How come this is 10th? This is such a great episode! I really like the ending of this episode.

Oh come on mate! You know that this a great episode! How is this 10th?

15 One Of Us

I like the ending of this episode

16 Sleepless in Retroville
17 Trouble with the Clones

"Ain't no lovin' my man, sho-op, sho-op, sho-op." Priceless!

Evil Jimmy is an amazing villain

18 Who Framed Jimmy Neutron?
19 Sorry, Wrong Era

It's pretty cool, but I don't think it deserves number 11 on this list. I personally, think that this is the 22nd best episode.

20 My Big Fat Spy Wedding

This episode is so funny, it has to be in the top 10!

She's a witch I tells ya! Brun her! Burn her! - Sheen Estevez

Funniest episode of them all!

Deserves top 10

21 Who's Your Mommy?

This is a really cool episode. I like the part where the alien comes to Retroville, and Jimmy tries to stop it by turning the city's power off.

22 Aaughh!! Wilderness!!
23 Sea Of Trouble

"Sea of Trouble" is not an episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

I cannot belive I had to add this. "My Mom dosn't let us have Radar! " classic

24 Flippy

I like how eustace and jimmy actually had to work together
It was a great episode

25 Nightmare in Retroville
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