Best The Middle Episodes

This a list stating the best episodes of The Middle.

The Top Ten

1 Life Skills

This a truly awesome episode. How Axl and Sue are in a class together and are forced to work on a project together. Then Axl conducts a project in 10 minutes. - Therandom

Best episode ever! Made me laugh out load so hard.

2 Back to Summer

How Brick has to write a daily journal assignment from the months of September to June in four days. Also how Sue has to prove she went to school on October 13th and how Axl must do 30 hours of community service. - Therandom

Pee your pants

3 Hecking Order

Axl and Sue at the same high school is awesome. - Therandom

4 The Math Class
5 Last Whiff of Summer Part 2
6 Last Whiff of Summer Part 1
7 The Second Act

Frankie gets fired from Elherts and must find a new job, great episode. - Therandom

8 The Yelling

An episode where Frankie must stop her non stop yelling. Also, Bob's greatest episode. - Therandom

9 The Drop Off

How it took the family five hours to drop Axl off at college instead of 42. - Therandom

It is so true!

10 The Graduation

Funny and good story telling on the episode

Axl finally graduates from high school. - Therandom

The Contenders

11 The Wonderful World of Hecks
12 From Orson With Love
13 Trip and Fall

Mike trips and falls down the stairs at the quarry, and it is all downhill from there! See what I did there?

Yea I agree. Its not good enough to be 1, but I love how everyone at the quarry thinks he's like crippled after falling down stairs.


14 The Block Party

One of the better ones

15 The Graduate

Sue up onstage at her graduation is priceless,almost a tear jerker. One of my favorites.

16 True Grit

This Episode is AWESOME! Axl's terrible advice to break up with Jeremy. Sues room sucking up her pizza and papers. Bricks Failed Sports Phase, and at the end, Frankie suffers the most embarrassing thing ever! Very Epic!

An amazing episode. I totally got sucked into it as much as sue's pizz and papers into the vent!

17 The Waiting Game

This and The Drop Off. Definitely #1 and #2

Do I Have to say anything? This should be #1

18 A Simple Christmas
19 The Friend
20 The Safe

Great episode. So memorable.

21 While You Were Sleeping
22 The Windchimes

Aah... the wind chimes stopped! Mom, quiet down, I'm trying to think of my pretzel ideas! Awesome ep.

23 Foreign Exchange
24 Unbraceable
25 The Ditch
26 Thanksgiving V
27 The Lanai
28 Thanksgiving IV

This is my favorite episode due to it being funny with the marines and sues chicken head story and I love the hear whelming football game where axl led his team to a championship and of course the part where him and Cassidy finally got together

29 A Heck of a Ride: Part Two
30 A Heck of a Ride: Part One
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