Top 10 Episodes of Monster Factory

Pick your favorite episodes of Monster Factory, the Polygon YouTube series hosted by our good good boys Griffin and Justin McElroy! I'm just kinda throwing in 10 of my personal favorites, vote on whichever other episodes you think are the best!

(Multi-part episodes will be counted as one episode for simplicity's sake.)

The Top Ten

1 Second Life, Second Chances

The return of our good good Boy Mayor, and the introduction of Totino's. I think dogs should vote! - cdonegan778

2 Fallout 4

The Final Pam. Need I say more? - cdonegan778

3 Creating the Sequel to Dogs in Spore

J'aam's got that applesauce you crave. - cdonegan778

4 Melting Bart Simpson in Black Desert Online

Take it to the bank, boys. This one's just like Bart. - cdonegan778

5 Failing to Clone The Rock in WWE 2K14
6 Saving the World One Knife at a Time in Champions Online
7 Training a Perfect Super-Athlete in Wii Sports Resort

I will never get over Griffin missing every. single. basketball. - cdonegan778

8 Recreating a Beloved Sitcom in The Sims 4
9 Creating an Army of Banana-Men in Oblivion
10 Stopping All of the Crimes in Saints Row: The Third

The Contenders

11 Exploding Shepard's Face Bones in Mass Effect 2
12 Surviving Bloodborne with a Gun-hating Toucan Man
13 Stang is Totally Not Sting Trying to Play Basketball
14 Randomly Generating Horrifying Faces in Dark Souls 2
15 Exploring Skyrim with Garfield
16 Prepping for Fallout 4 by Ruining Fallout 3
17 Dino-crime in Ark: Survival Evolved
18 Throwing Everyone in Dragon's Dogma Off a Cliff
19 Horrors of All Shapes and Sizes in Blade & Soul
20 What if Dark Souls Were Made of Pizza?

Please godp lease watch this

21 Recreating Ourselves in WWE 2K16
22 Making a Rowdy, Dirty Boy in Dark Souls 3
23 Cosplayers and Leather Daddies in Soul Calibur 5
24 Making a Golf All-Star in Tiger Woods '08
25 Having a Nude Bonanza in Conan Exiles (NSFW!)
26 Flying Through Dragon Age: Inquisition with a Slime DJ
27 Monster Factory Wrestling Federation: MONSTER MANIA
28 Sweeps Week
29 Cid Finalfantasy's Cat Man Quest
30 Just Like Art
31 Making a SWEET ALIEN BOY in Everybody's Golf
32 Tony Hawk???? The Skateboarding Flat Man / Zeke Teenweed Takes Us To Fart School
33 Adult Cool Needs More Hats
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