Top Ten Best Episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 5


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1 Amending Fences

Definitely My Favourite Episode Of This Season Honestly I Was Really Torn Between This Episode And Crusaders Of The Lost Mark For My Favourite While I Do Find Crusaders Of The Lost Mark More Emotional The Amazing Ideas, Incredible Story and Believable Characters Are Just So Much More Engaging To Me.

2 Crusaders of the Lost Mark

Second or first. Diamond Tiara sings so good! I hope this will not be the end of there adventures.

This episode is emotional and it made me cry

Deserves Every Emote Of Praise It Gets

The best episode ever! Now, Diamond Tiara is nice and also The CMC get their cutie marks! Wish the other episodes is just the best like this too!

3 The Cutie Re-Mark

Thank you! It went back to all the villains from past to present to freezing Starlight Glimmer, this episode was amazing!

I kinda see a reference to every time-traveling cartoon or anime that existed at the time; it's cool how they did that.

4 The Mane Attraction

The Lady Gaga references just made my day

I really liked the songs in this one.

5 The Cutie Map
6 The Lost Treasure of Griffionstone
7 Slice of Life
8 Make New Friends But Keep Discord

One of the funniest episodes of the show, the ending was very sweet and they handled the jealousy plot better than I've ever seen anyone do

Definitely better than Cutie Re-mark. That two-parter is messed up! Talk about dystopian! This is a kids show!

Very funny. I also read a Pokemon/ MLP crossover fanfic that captured this perfectly!

Big question WHY THHE HELL DOES ABYONE LIKE THIS ATROCITY like seriously it's horrid. The
Pacing is terrible the snooze is a terrible plot device and discord acts like he never had even heard of tirek, fluttershy is also completely out of character and the rest of the mane six do nothing. this episode would be the worst episode of the show if it didn't have some redeeming factors such as the best one shot character being tree hugger and the little thug with celestial at the end all that thought its worse than mare do well

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9 Bloom and Gloom
10 Castle Sweet Castle

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11 Brotherhooves Social

This episode's ending was outstanding.

12 Rarity Investigates!
13 Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?

This episode is one of the best ones rainbow dashes dream lol

14 Canterlot Boutique
15 The One Where Pinkie Knows
16 Scare Master
17 Made in Manehattan
18 Hearthbreakers
19 Party Pooped
20 Tanks for the Memories
21 What about Discord?
22 Appleoosa's Most Wanted
23 The Hooffields and McColts
24 Princess Spike
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