Top Ten Episodes or Sagas That Would Be Created If the Internet Was a TV Show

Title says it all, just please no TheTopTens-related stuff, that kind of thing creeps me out and there already is a list for if TheTopTens was a T.V. Show.

The Top Ten

1 GamerGate (Saga)

So much potential with GamerGate as a saga, particularly if it was represented as a series of epic battles (like Dragon Ball Z. ) A game dev named Zoey bribes them to write good reviews of her game, this gets out, and the gamers don't like it, and Zoe's supporters turn it into a war. I just think the story of regular guys defending their hobby vs. people who claim said hobby is oppressing them (many of which are fairies, aliens, and gods) sounds plain awesome (if this sounds a bit biased, it is, I am very pro-gamergate. )

Based on the GamerGate scandal. - kfcnyancat

Vivian James would be a good character for this.

2 Troll Police (Two-Part Episode)

In the country of YouTube, the government orders a police organization to stop the trolls. Things change when the organization they get, the UTUBETROLLPOLICE, are more trouble than the trolls themselves.

Based on UTUBETROLLPOLICE. - kfcnyancat

3 Welcome to CWCville (Episode)

I'm a spy in this episode - BorisRule

A group of adults gets stranded in the dictatorship of CWCville and start rebelling against it's leader by doing things that anger him and his guards Sonichu and Rosechu.

Based on Chris-Chan and Sonichu. - kfcnyancat

4 Gamers vs. Corporations (Saga)

In the countries of YouTube and Twitch, after waves of gaming companies claim that game reviews and lets' plays infringe copyrights, the YouTube government obeys the corporations' orders and jails makers of those. The gamers don't like that, and they begin to fight them via legal battles.

Based on copyright abuse on YouTube. - kfcnyancat

5 Everyone Gets Grounded (Episode)

Grounding wars sparkled - BorisRule

Many residents of GoAnimate, which has a culture based on grounding their children and even random strangers that they don't like, vacation at the countries of Dailymotion, ZippCast, and YouTube. They don't like the culture there, so everyone gets grounded. Not just grounded, but GROUNDED!

Based on the GoAnimate fandom. - kfcnyancat

6 War of Fur (Episode)

The furry fandom invades the space of the Brony, Sonic, and Pokemon fandoms in an attempt to get more recruits. Ridiculousness ensues.

Based on fandoms. - kfcnyancat

7 Five Nights at The Five Nights at Freddy's Fandom (Two-Part Episode)

Representatives from the Toontown, Brony, Anime, and Warrior Cats fandoms spend five nights at a Five Nights at Freddy's convention. They go insane from how ridiculous it is.

Based on fandoms. - kfcnyancat

Dang that'd be horrible.

8 Laws For Lawlz (Two-Part Episode)

The United Nations of the internet put in some extremely vague laws and a bunch of people get arrested for no reason with no explanation. This angers the residents of the United Nations.

Based on the PSA comic "Laws for Kids." - kfcnyancat

9 Fatal Identity (Episode)

A comedian starts cracking jokes about the ridiculous culture of Tumblr, and when he jokes about Godkin, a hateful one awakens and tries to kill the comedian. It would basically be an action episode, maybe an after story for the GamerGate saga.

Based on Otherkin and other Tumblr staples. - kfcnyancat

10 Why U No Rage Comics? (Episode)

Wonder what it is - NESSquid

This episode is about memes and rage comics.
Based on memes and rage comics. - RiverClanRocks

...more - Fabricitem

The Contenders

11 The Google Empire Collapses (Three-Part Episode)

Google, which is known for purchasing about half the Internet, file for bankruptcy after a major boycott against all Google products. All the companies bought by Google get saved again, and independent. So, this would be the death of the Facsist Google Federation (FGF). - Turkeyasylum

12 Fun Times With Tactical Nukes (Episode)

A group of kids start playing online First-Person Shooters and use their imaginations to turn it into a war story. In a nutshell, the South Park episode "Fun Times With Weapons" but with Army stuff.

Based on online video games. - kfcnyancat

13 Meme Train (Episode)

Well boys, welcome to the meme train. * YEET YEET * - IceFoxPlayz

14 The Cowboys Hat
15 Got Porn (Episode)
16 Super Minecraft Kid Gets Arrested (Episode)

And put to jail - BorisRule

17 The Fall Of Keemstar
18 Humans VS Anime
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