Top 10 Episodes of Pokémon Sun and Moon/Ultra Adventures

These episodes of the new and newer Pokémon series have just been brilliant, but what are some of the best? Here are my top 10 favorite Pokémon Sun/Ultra Moon Episodes.

The Top Ten

1 One Journey Ends, Another Begins...

This episode was just Plain Beautiful. It deals with stuff like losing a Loved one. Litten’s best appearance, Oh, Poor Stoutland. He was such and old and wise Pokémon. Taking care of Litten and all. Litten’s Dream, Oh, Yes, And that scene with Litten Meowing at the empty tree, Oh, That scene can just make anyone Cry. And Meowth, Too. Also that scene where Ash And Litten we’re fighting who gets the food we’re funny. The battle between Pikachu and Litten was entertaining,
And, Poor Rotom. He never understood what Happened to Stoutland. Beautiful Episode. - UltraSandStorm

2 Alola Kanto!

Misty makes her long awaited return plus Brock returns too. - egnomac

Original team come back!

This Episode brought back Brock And Misty, All they way, from, Heck, Hoenn I think! They have and nice! And I like the scene where Ash sees Bulbasar was heartwarming. - UltraSandStorm

3 Getting to Know You!

This Episode introduces Snowy, one of my Favorite Pokémon of the series. And Lillie finally broke her habit of Not touching Pokémon. - UltraSandStorm

4 Pulling Out the Pokémon Base Pepper!

This was actually a good episode with such a ridicules premise but it still worked. - egnomac

A nice Baseball episode. - UltraSandStorm

5 Rescuing the Unwilling!

This Episode showed the True bond between Lillie and her mother. This episode also reminded me of the Super Smash Bros Sub Space Emissary, Because all the main characters and all their Pokémon were included in one big, nice Episode. - UltraSandStorm

6 Lulled to La-La Land!

I actually liked this episode. - egnomac

I can’t stop watching this one, I don’t know why. - UltraSandStorm

Naw this episode sucked so bad! One of the most boring Sun & Moon episodes ever! Only good thing about it is that Mallow hinted with that scene cut thing that the entire series would be 138 episodes and I sure can’t WAIT until this garbage of a Pokémon series ends. (Doesn’t mean I hate the Pokémon anime though) I liked OG, AG, DP, and XY which happens to be the best series ever. So far, BW and the current SM Series are two of my least favorites. - TGBBOD

7 Mallow and the Forest Teacher

This is a family bond episode, and They handled it really well. - UltraSandStorm

8 When Regions Collide!

This... along with “Alola, Kanto” are the only episodes in the entirety of Season 20 that I even enjoyed! Every other episode was just boring slice of life bs. May be biased just cause I got to see Misty & Brock but Kiawe’s battle with Brock and especially Ash’s battle with Misty was just incredible. Honestly I sure hope they bring Clemont & Bonnie back too. Especially Bonnie. And Ash Vs. Clemont in SM would be so epic to see. - TGBBOD

9 Racing to the Big Event!

This episode, was not really exciting and Emotional as most episodes, but, it was a fun episode. - UltraSandStorm

10 Team on Team Tussle!

This is the first Rocket VS. Skull ep, It’s actually Pretty funny. I like when team Rocket ‘Created’ Their Z ring - UltraSandStorm

The Contenders

11 So Long, Sophocles!
12 Alolan Open House!
13 Rocking Clawmark Hill!

Rockruff, You’re so awesome. This, This is probably my favorite Rockruff episode. Tops. - UltraSandStorm

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