Best Episodes of the Royle Family

Best episodes of the brilliant show The Royle Family.
All three series and all the later specials count.

The Top Ten

1 Elsie's Funeral

Funniest ending to an episode of The Royle Family ever

Hilarious episode with brilliant verbal combat between the classic characters of Jim and Nana, in this episode Nana's friend Elsie has passed away and Nana is staying round the Royle's house. - EvilAngel

2 Queen Of Sheba

Very memorable special, the first of the one off specials. Very emotional moment as it includes the passing of Nana. - EvilAngel

I cried so hard.

3 Decorating

Brilliant episode, so funny when Jim and Twiggy laugh about Dave and the van incident. The decorating never does get finished in the end. - EvilAngel

4 Barbara Finally Has Enough

Barbara storms out the house, and Denise, Dave and Jim watch Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. - EvilAngel

5 Christmas Special

Christmas special, considered as episode seven of series two. Emotional moment with Denise and Jim. - EvilAngel

6 The Golden Egg Cup

Hilarious when they're in the caravan. - EvilAngel

I love this say there's gonna be a murder once more and I'll murder you...ha ha

7 Nana's Coming To Stay

Nana has had her cataract operation and is annoying Jim. - EvilAngel

8 Christmas Special 2

The second Christmas special, considered as part of series 3. Jim is bought Sky T.V.. - EvilAngel

9 The Christening

Brilliant episode where all the characters of the show are gathered to celebrate the christening of baby David. - EvilAngel

10 Wedding Day

Denise's and Dave's wedding day has arrived. - EvilAngel

The Contenders

11 Bills Bills Bills

Started it all off.. and lead to 3 great series and some fabulous specials

12 The New Sofa

Jim and barbra go denises house for christmas and meet david senior who jim can't stand

13 Dad's Birthday
14 Another Woman
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