Top Ten Episodes Sam and Cat Should Make


The Top Ten

1 Hairdye

Cats hair gets dye orange and sams black

2 Dice's First Crush
3 Cat's First Job
4 Carly and Tori Return

Tori should return, Carly should die

5 Lockdown

Why would you want Sam & Cat to make an episode of Victorious?

6 Dice's First Kiss

Dices first kiss is 3rd base

7 Sam at Hollywood Arts
8 Babysitting Fail
9 Sam and Cat, You're Fired!


10 Sam and Cat Commit Suicide

The Contenders

11 Everyone Falls Into a Hole and Dies

Who would want to make this episode because it's kinda harsh.

I hate this show, but that's a harsh idea.

Even though I don't like the show,this would be a terrible idea. No offense.

12 A Pal for Sam & Cat
13 Sam and Cat Go to Jail
14 The Gift of Gum

Cat gives Sam a big giant chewed gum for friendship's day. Cat tells Sam to be careful with it because it is sticky. Cat go's to Hawaii for a week. While Sam is at home, she is watching t.v. Then she starts to play with the big chewed gum ball cat gave her and then Sam climbs on top of it and starts to sink in. When Sam is inside the gum, she breaks out and she has gum stuck in her hair and her hands gets stuck to gum. Then she tries to pull the chewed up gum and it pulls her right back into the gum and the chewed gum explodes all over the house. Then an hour later Jade comes to see her friend Sam and the door was unlocked. When Jade walked in she takes her shoes off and then she steps in super sticky gum and then she sees on what happened to Sam. When Sam told her, Jade was going to chop it, but then it got her hands in a sticky situation. She tries harder, but then she got her hair stuck in gum. Then she tries to pull the chewed up gum, but then it pulls Jade back to the gum and it ...more

15 Sam and Cat Babysits Bebe's Kids

The Bebe's Kids will beat up Sam and Cat and beat up more Nickeloadeon teen sitcom stars

16 Where Did Tori Go
17 Canceled

The show gets canceled. - Thatgirl

18 Death

I know it got cancelled, which is good, but they should've made this the final episode.

19 Fired from Babysitting
20 Sam and Cat Get Gum Stuck in Their Hair
21 One Coarse Babysitter
22 #Splinter
23 Cat in the Wringer
24 Sam's Face Freeze
25 Sam and Cat Get a Splinter
26 Sam and Cat Babysits Caillou
27 Sam and Cat Meets Teen Titans Go
28 Sam and Cat Get Eaten By A Titan
29 Sam, Cat, Dice and Goomer Gets Pregnant
30 Power Rangers vs Sam and Cat
31 Sam and Cat Babysits Peppa and George Pig
32 Sam and Cat Babysits D.W. from Arthur
33 Sam and Cat Babysits Shinchan
34 Sam and Cat Flushes a Baby Down the Toilet
35 Sam and Cat Babysits Jeremy Creek
36 Sam and Cat Meets Deadpool
37 Gravity Jailbreak
38 Sam and Cat in King Star King
39 Boku No Sam and Cat
40 Sam and Cat in Midori Shoujo Tsubaki
41 Sam and Cat Meets Horton the Bicycle Man
42 Sam and Cat in Super Jail
43 Sam and Cat Are Obliterated
44 Sam and Cat Gets Grounded
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