Best Episodes from Season 3 of Bojack Horseman

Season 3 of Bojack was where things took some of the darkest turns of the series so far, some of these episodes were masterpieces.

The Top Ten

1 That's Too Much, Man!

This episode is so dark, the constant time skips combined with the state of both Bojack and Sarah Lynn make it like this. There are 2 other parts in the episode that go beyond this, but I won't spoil them. - kempokid

2 Fish Out of Water

It's a very different episode to the usual ones, as it is nearly entirely silent. Despite this silence, the amount of emotion in every other part of the episode make it one of the best in the entire series. Th final joke is also perfect. - kempokid

3 It's You

Everything about this episode was really good. I loved the story about Mr Peanutbutter and Todd, with the award ceremony. Bojack's story was really sad. The reason this episode is so good is because of the F bomb in this season, as it was from a character that appears regularly. - kempokid

4 Best Thing that Ever Happened

This episode was great because it focused greatly on the relationship between Princess Carolyn and Bojack. The episode was also hilarious with the whole thing about the restaurant. The "no" at the end was also extremely powerful. - kempokid

5 That Went Well

In this episode, almost everyone seems happier without Bojack, which makes it all the more tragic when you see Bojack nearly kill himself. The amount of cliffhangers at the end of this season is ridiculous. - kempokid

6 Old Aquaintance

The main draw of this episode for me was everything to do with Mr Peanutbutter and his encounter with his brother. It showed that even Mr Peanutbutter could feel things other than - kempokid

7 The Bojack Horseman Show

It's just a really funny episode in general. The self awareness of the episode was extremely funny, and fleshing out the relationship between Princess Carolyn and Bojack gave the episode some importance as well. - kempokid

8 Stop the Presses

A very odd way to do a therapy episode, but it worked very well despite that. This is the kind of episode that can either be really good or really bad, and this one falls into the former category - kempokid

9 Brrap Brrap Pew Pew

The sheer stupidity of this episode is a big reason why I love it so much. Bojack Horseman doesn't always have to be a serious show to be great - kempokid

10 Love And/or Marriage

This one was ok, but not much happened compared to a lot of other episodes, so I put it closer to the bottom of the list - kempokid

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