Best Episodes from Season 4 of Bojack Horseman

The new season of Bojack Horseman has just been released, and it is amazing. I needed to get onto writing a list about my favourite episodes.

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1 Time's Arrow

Once again, Bojack Horseman makes the best episode of the season the 11th one. Everything about this is perfect, the character development of Bojack's mother was further expanded upon and made me feel genuinely sympathetic for her. - kempokid

2 The Old Sugarman Place

The episode that told me that this was to be an interesting season was definitely this one. The emotional state of Bojack was depressing throughout and it was the start of the extreme character development of Bojack's mother. It also has a scene that shocked me more than the one with Penny back in season 2. - kempokid

3 "lovin' that cali lifestyle"

This was such a heavy episode. The side of the story with Bojack and ahis mother was extremely depressing due to the fact that when Bojack finally had something good, it wasn't him that destroyed it. The other half of the episode was amuch lighter one and I really appreciated the thing about avocados. - kempokid

4 Ruthie

This season had a fair amount of focus on Princess Carolyn, which I believe was a good move. Her life has progressively gotten shakier and this episode really took the cake for depressing events. I also found the future sequences to be very funny. The beginnig of the clown dentist plot was just as good as the rest of it, i.e amazing. The only reason that the episode isn't any higher is because of the extremely lackluster B-plot with Bojack and Diane. - kempokid

5 What Time Is It Right Now?

I found it nice to have another season that ended on a hopeful note. It had no major cliffhangers like the last season had and everything wraps up quite nicely. Princess Carolyn finally is getting everything together, and for the 1st time in ages, Bojack isn't completely depressed about everything. The relationship between Mr PB and Diane is also finally being properly questioned, which I think is good, as their bad relationship was always apparent. - kempokid

6 Stupid Piece Of Sh*t

I like the animations that go with Bojack's inner monologue. It provides nice contrast to the usual animation style and adds some humour to what would otherwise be seen as sad or pathetic. The whole situation with the doll really depressed me though. - kempokid

7 Hooray! Todd Episode

The many misadventures of Todd are never boring, as Todd is such a fun character. A full episode about him was the right thing to do as we see just how much he really does in the show. The episode is also when Hollyhock makes her first true appearance (the cliffhanger doesn't count). - kempokid

8 See Mr Peanutbutter Run

The sheer insanity of the episode is what makes it so good, the fact that Mr Peanutbutter managed to get the governor to be decided by a ski race was hilarious. Also, DRONE THRONE! - kempokid

9 Underground

The amount of laughing at celebrities was always a welcome element of Bojack Horseman, so I'm happy they had a lot of that in this episode. The various shifts in power and the savagery of the people reminded me of Lord Of The Flies, one of my favourite books, so it also has that going for it. The main issue was that there wasn't as much happening in the episode than usual. - kempokid

10 Commence Fracking

I honestly wasn't that keen on the political satire in this season as a whole, other than the constant joking about how easy it is to swing the public opinion. However, the episodes tackling a particular issue didn't do it with as much grace as I had hoped. This episode did show the state of Diane and Mr PB's relationship though, so I need to give it credit for that. - kempokid

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11 Thoughts And Prayers
12 The Judge
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