Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created for Catdog Season 5

If Nick makes this happen, these will be episodes for season 5. Please no random choices. Enjoy.

The Top Ten

1 Catdogumentry 2

It'll be a sequel to CatDogumentry

2 Dog Finds a Baby

It will be about when Dog finds a small baby and the baby gets attached to him. The baby will get attached to him, but not Cat. Don't think this will happen..

3 Dog vs Justin Bieber

Dog meets Justin Bieber and fights him

4 Catdog the Musical

CatDog sings random Songs.

5 Yo, What Up

CatDog become rappers and battle with Nicki Minaj.

6 Winslow Gets Eaten By a Duck
7 Payback Time

Winslow, Rancid Rabbit, and the Greasers get their asses handed to them

Cat gets payback on Winslow, the Greasers and Rancid.

And Then the Nearburg Residents become nice when Rancid is dead.

8 The Secret of Catdog
9 Torturing Winslow
10 The Baby Catdog

The Contenders

11 Separated by a Dream

The dog and the cat go to the surgeon doctor to separate them because one quiers be an actor and the other singer

12 Abandoned by Her Luck
13 Honey Madness
14 MINEcraft

How does Minecraft have anything to do with CatDog? - RalphBob

Like catdog in minecraft duh.

15 Dog's Fnaf Dream

Maby dog will scare hid butt off!

16 Catdog's Home Videos
17 Cat Kills Winslow
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